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  1. Hi all, I've got an intermittent knocking sound. Comes and goes. Sometimes from cold start, othertimes when driving for a while. It did not occur when the mechanic had the car for two days so he couldn't progress. I've since had the car back (after service), and it occurred again, so I thought I'd record it, to show him later. I parked with engine running, and as I was stationary and it was after dusk, turned the automatic lights off - and the sound was quieter!? I put the lights back on again, and it was louder. Any thoughts? I couldn't pop the bonnet without switching off and removing the key, but after switching off and on the ignition, the sound went away again. Here's the video.
  2. Just from the video, mechanic thinks it might be either alternator or crank shaft pulley. I often hear a brief little version of that noise when pulling away, just before the car starts moving (when clutch is slipping briefly before its locked in?). Does this point to crankshaft pully? but it only lasts for less than a second (sorry for terminology I dont know much about cars!)
  3. Thanks chaps! Ordered from FleaBay! Now to deal with the leaking doors! Sigh ...
  4. Hi, had a recent issue with a dead battery. That's fixed now, but the car has developed another fault which I think is unrelated? When I accelerate hard in 1st or 2nd, the power drops away rapidly. Earlier than it usually does, And it feels like its generally lacking a bit of power. (I've already had the blanking plate done etc) At one point I'm pretty sure the engine switched off (stalled I suppose) as I was pulling away hard, I couldn't wait long enough to confirm it had stalled so I just cycled the ignition and carried on driving. Also at another time on the motorway, I gave it some welly, and was in 6th gear at 90mph, (just treying to understand the symtoms), and power dropped a little and the coil light started flashing. This went away the next time I started the car (which happened to be the stall just above). I guess I should get the fault read but it's intemittent and goes away when the ignition is switched off. Anyone recognise these symtoms? I can drive the car sensibly and it seems OK apart for when I try to accelerate hard (and sometimes thats useful)
  5. Hi, thanks for your help so far. I've been doing some research on what code reader to get, but just getting confused (not difficult!). Some people say ODB1 some say ODB2! I have a 53 plate 2.0 TDCI Ghia X Mondeo. According to RAC Data check when I bought it. 99% sure its TDCI 130bhp. A post on another forum says : "Mondeo 95/115hp TDDI/TDCI from 2000>2003 LX/GL/Ghia are not obd2Mondeo 115/130hp TDDI/TDCI from 2002>2007 Ghia-X/Titanium Spec are as thay use a diffrent wire loomthere is a bit of a cross over between the cars but all made after 2003 should be obd2" They could be wrong? So it looks like 2003 Ghia X might be ODB2? (It has leather seats and fake wooden steering wheel). I'm after something for as little as possible. Max budget £60. What do I want? Shall I take a photo of my connector (whereever that is?), I'm happy doing the PC/Windows side of things :) Also see posts by stokesd3 here ? Also its a 53 plate - first registered on 30th Jan 2004, so it might be one of the later models that is ODB2 compliant? I understand the newoer scanners are cheaper? I'd rather take a punt on a £20 scanner before splashing out on a Ford Specific ODB1 ? Probably answered my own question!!
  6. Thanks I'll look around for an OBD1 compatible reader now. Its been blanked already FWIW
  7. Ifs def an 2003 model (no DPF) I'll post some pics soon as ...
  8. Thanks for the quick reply... Like the Ford ones here? or is universal better I'm not sure which model I have. I'll check, just know its a 2.0 TDCI Ghia X
  9. Hi all, I went to cinema on returning to the car , 3 hours later, it wouldn't start. The air bag light flashes rapidly and there is a rapid clicking noise. Also the temperature was displayed in Farenheit instead of centigrade which seemed a little suspicious , but other than that no signs of tampering. Is this immobiliser? Here is a vid of me trying to start it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O61X7AgbSIY Usually it starts first time no problem even when 2-3 degrees. The recovery bloke tried to use a battery booster (incase it was flat battery - it wasn't), and we also tried to bump start it (luckily there were five of us!), but again no joy. Any suggestions appreciated! Also the range indicator was about 50miles and last filled up on Tesco Diesel (not usual choice) - Probably both irrelevant! After a bit of googling I should also add that I think the LED in the clock is flashing but not sure. I'll check again in a couple of hours
  10. Cheers, FWIW it was the factory installed battery being replaced. It had a sticker on it - first charged 2003! So it looks like it's had a good innings at a shade over 10years, and I'd be wise to stick with the new one regardless ? (Also I didn't collect the old one !)
  11. The mechanic is installing an Oldham Heavy Duty battery. I'm assuming that he's done his homework on other possible root causes :)
  12. Ive been told its the battery at fault and quoted £115 including fitting. Does this sound right? EDIT: I just checked halfords and prices are about this too! Sigh... PS: My mate advised that even sealed maintenance free batteries can be revivied with a distilled water top up. Does that sound like a first port of call first?
  13. Update. Definitely not battery. Tried booster, jump and an overnight charge using a home charger. There are a lot of odd sounds coming from under the hood after trying to start then turning off ignition. I'll post up video soon...
  14. Quick update: Tried a jump from a smaller car (Renault Laguna IIRC) - first attempt sounded like definite battery drain - a few clicks and all dash lights dimmed we let it sit for a bit longer with his engine running and tried again - this time it behaved exactly like the first time (in the video) There has also been water in the car (steamed up windows) for the last few weeks, getting in via back window. I've slapped some silicone sealant in the gap recently but car needs to dry out. I'm about to rummage around in the loft for a 15+ year old battery charger and give that a go...
  15. Thanks, they recovery chap didn't look too confident using the battery booster - it was a model he's not used before. I'll try a jump start this evening if not call a local mechanic.. We did try a bump start though and there didn't seem like any murmur from the engine, but maybe these cars don't bump easily?
  16. I've bought a 2.0 mk3 Ghia X TDCI 130 6 speed , new Clutch/DMF in January (sigh!). Just had a full service a few weeks ago too. The clutch seems OK, the car (and diesel in general) is new to me so I'm not 100% sure about the power profile. Anyway... Was returning from M25 J5 to M25 J4. This is slightly uphill. Performance was dire on the incline. At 70mph - car did not want to accelerate with full gas in 5th gear. Dropped to 4th gear - it nudged up to 75 - full throttle - revs seemed stable - lots of smoke out exhaust. But no real pick up - getting passed by lots of other cars of all sizes and shapes. The outward journey seemed fine on flats and declines - a comfortable 90 - not a usual habit but just getting a feel for new car. Also back on a dual carriageway - at one point was doing 40mph - dropped to 3rd to accelerate - lots of smoke. No burning smells - but my sense of smell is not brilliant - just normal! So is this a clutch issue still? I just took it back to the garage that did the clutch? They are looking at it and said it might be clutch or catalytic converter? Town driving seems OK. Thoughts appreciated?
  17. It's a 53 plate and first registered in Jan 2004. Should I be worried it's blanked off?
  18. @stooge - noted, although running fine now. BTW I went back to First Diesel to pay bill and collect my key, and I asked how much to blank off the EGR. They replied they did that already otherwise I'd only be back again with the same problem in the future! On the one hand a bit cheeky blanking it off without asking, but on the other top service, and exactly what I wanted!
  19. Thanks all, I bought my Nitrile gloves, brass brushes etc but went the lazy/warm route and took it to a local garage and asked then to clean the EGR valve and manifold as suggested above, for which they charged £20. It ran a little better but still blowing black smoke. Called a few local mechanics, who all seem a bit wary of diesels for some reason, and one advised me to take it to First Diesel in Croydon. Good reputation, but charge £70+VAT for initial inspection. Dropped it in at First Diesel, they called back later in the day, saying there were no fault codes but they noticed EGR valve is sticking, and they can put that right within the same hour (so no additional charge). So maybe first garage didn't clean properly not sure. I'll find out when I get back to first diesel to pick up my spare key and pay them. I'm currently using the master? (no remote , blue chip). Thanks for all your help. And Nitrile gloves still handy when I'm working on my bicycle indoors :)
  20. Will do. Quick update: The garage has road tested it and said it seems like turbo has gone. They can usually hear it but they cant on this one. I'll trying another guy this week who has not seen the car yet but advised to check air flow meter....
  21. I've bought a 2.0 mk3 TDCI 130 6 speed , about a week ago and had the Clutch/DMF replaced. (bargain!) Then the snow came. I'm not used to the car but it feels sluggish. I dont think clutch is slipping. Revs seem controlled, accelerating up hill in 3rd (dont plan to do this often!) I checked tyre pressure and it was low all round (3 tyres at 21psi and one at 25psi). I put them up to 36psi (Just a guess!) and it seemed a bit more responsive. I'm not used to the car or diesel in general, is it right the rpm is a bit lower than petrol for a given acceleration. I dont plan to abuse the car long term but my 1st and 2nd gear seem to max out around 25mph and , 45mph when accelerating hard. I was expecting a bit more from 2nd? But maybe the revs are playing with my mind. I just want to understand if the Clutch/DMF has somehow affected performance, or if I'm just not used to how this model performs?
  22. Thanks all for setting my mind at rest! Had a Mazda 6 2.3 (yuk although closely related to Mondeo) and a BMW 320i before that that would hit close to 60 in 2nd (IIRC might be exaggerating!), so getting used to the lower rpm and the difference in the low gears.
  23. Looking to get the most out of it, so signed up here for starters. Now hunting for PDF manuals :)
  24. Yup It has a chain but the Major service suggests the rear Auxiliary belt needs changing and the front one will need changing next year with my typical mileage (so might as well do it now?)