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  1. Fascia

    I will wrap it with black matte vinyl, do u guys want to see the final result of it when im done?
  2. Fascia

    The seller only sold it complete.
  3. Fascia

    I also found this http://no.bildelsbasen.se/?index=default&link=item&post_id=24372808
  4. Fascia

    Oh dear hes only shipping to UK i need it in norway.. And the sale has also ended:( thanks anyway! I will buddy, thanks for your help. If everything goes wrong ill just paint the woodpanel or something. But thats only if i dont find anything!
  5. Fascia

    Oh Dear hes only shipping to UK i need it in norway.. And the sale has also ended:( thanks anyway! Mod edit: Naughty word removed
  6. Fascia

    Thankyou so much
  7. Fascia

    No answer..
  8. Fascia

    Hi guys, i need this fascia in alu or something, but i dont find this fascia anywhere. Do u know anywhere to but it? http://pictures.topspeed.com/IMG/crop/200701/2007-ford-focus-16_600x0w.jpg
  9. Double Din Help Asap

    Haha, thanks, i didnt answer you because of the font you used, thought it was some commercial or something!
  10. Double Din Help Asap

    Im from norway btw, thats the reason for the bad english! And the location thingy, didnt find norway!
  11. Double Din Help Asap

    That picture is taken off my car, and its a fascia lile that i need, carbon/alu. Anything would help!
  12. Double Din Help Asap

    thanks, yeah its the woodish thing anythig but would be great, thanks for the help, i will try your advice!
  13. Double Din Help Asap

    Sure but id rather change it
  14. Double Din Help Asap

  15. Double Din Help Asap

    Hi guys, Heres the problem I dont seem to find any facia din panels or whatever you call it. I have this ugly !Removed! wood panel. I would appreciate some help, a link or somethig. This is btw a focus ghia 2007 with double climate control (which is the reason it makes it hard to find) Thanks