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  1. Happy Birthday jeffnat68!

  2. Crankshaft Pulley Replacement Easy Or Not????

    Really!!!Its know where near the timming belt just the aux belt.Sure you are not getting mixed up with the camshaft?Or am I totally crap with engine parts...lol..
  3. Hey all.Been told by local garage that the crank shaft pulley may need replacing as it looks like a rusty colour coming out in the middle of the pully.Is this an easy job to do or is it best to let them do it?Also what would be the best way to go about changing it if its easy?Cheers for any help... :)
  4. Aux Belt Change Advice Please...

    Not sure if its squeeking as I haven't driven it yet, just sent missis out to sainsburys for food and wine ..lol. so hopefully belts still on and not sqeeking.Got a gates belt from fleebay not the stretchy kind but with the spring loaded tensioner locked in non tensioning position it was easy to get on etc..Now for the cambelt change....
  5. Aux Belt Change Advice Please...

    Did the belt change today and very easy to do,Took less than 30 mins.Inspected the old belt and found a slice or split right across the belt through the ribs.Good job I thinks.. :)
  6. Got the cracked intercooler pipe supplied and fitted at my lacal ford dealers for £189...ouch...But luckily dealer where I bought it from coughed up under warranty.But one thing,I thought ford had modified the metal pipe somehow so it don't break etc but the new one put on is exactly the same as the old one they removed(I asked for the pipe back for spares etc)...What year did ford modify the pipe?If my 07 car had the modified one already installed then looks like in another 6 years I will need to replace the new one..lol..
  7. Aux Belt Change Advice Please...

    No worries,Got belt from fleebay £16 posted gonna fit it Saturday seems fairly straightforward according to Haynes manual but it states to remove drivers side wheel,take plastic arch surround off etc just thought I may be able to remove and fit it from the top,any ideas for a smove removal and fitting???
  8. Gonna change the aux belt as its starting to wear quite bad.Has anyone any advice or tips on this?Cheers Jeff.
  9. Well I have given up with the idea of fitting dlr's so back to more important issues.I need to purchase a new metal intercooler pipe for my 1.6 tdci as its got cracks by the welds so leaking.I have searched high and low on the net but to no avail.I have tried fordpartsuk .com but they don't even list the part keeps saying not found so does anyone have any ideas on to where I can get this pipe as I don't want to buy second hand on fleebay just a new one?Thanx for any help...
  10. Front Fog Lamp Advice Please...

    Curse those eu beurocrats..... :P :P
  11. Front Fog Lamp Advice Please...

    Dazzled by drl's going over speed bumps I find hard to believe seeing as most speed bumps are in the 30 mph limit so cars going fairly slow to crash or it someone or something.Its just another reason for these insurance scammers to make false claims and bump my premiums up by loads each year.But I guess law is law and I don't fancy being stopped by the bill every 5 mins or blamed for dazzleing someone and causing an accident...I think I will give fitting them a miss for now...But thanx for all your replys...
  12. Front Fog Lamp Advice Please...

    Thanx for all the mixed advice guys.As I stated the car currently has no front fog lights fitted,no wireing loom and no switch on dash so I thought that by fitting some fog lights with surrounds and use low watt leds instead of fog light bulbs and then have them scotchlocked into the side lamp wireing loom I will not be breaking any laws because they are not functioning as fog lights nor is there any dash light illumintated to say fogs are on.So in theory they are just drl's.Am I right or wrong?As confused by mixed responses.... Was thinking about retro fitting these bad boys..and they don't cost that much lol http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2x-Auto-Car-4-LED-Round-DRL-Daytime-Running-Day-Driving-Bulb-Fog-Light-Lamp-12V-/360546665878?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item53f2418596
  13. Gonna buy some fog lamps of fleebay and fit them to my car but there is no wireing loom to em so thought about splicing them into the side light wires and get led bulbs and use them as drls seeing as no fog lamp light will show up on dash.Anyone done this and will it work?Cheers Jeff.
  14. Intercooler Metal Pipe Cracks.....

    Nice one.Think I might as well get new pipe rather than try fixing it..
  15. Intercooler Metal Pipe Cracks.....

    Anyone have any idea where I can buy a metal intercooler pipe and how much as I cant seem to find it anywhere on line.Thanx Jeff.