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  1. Mine doesnt work now either. I got something from the car early evening and left the keys in the door my mistake (i'm so used to the buttons) for a couple of hours in very clear view with people about. No-one stole it tho, nor my music collection in the glove compartment, says it all really :S
  2. yeah i've not driven it since, but i've been out looking for other cars. If I find one soon I will get mine taken for scrap rather than pay for investigations! Maybe I could call RAC as I have home assistance but not sure if they can diagnose anything then and there? If they could give me an idea it would be great so I have a rough idea. I am tempted to take it back to Mr Clutch tbh as it seemed to rev like it did when that needed doing.
  3. Cambelt Change...when?

    wow one garage said they want a £500 deposit if I want to hold the car! Not sure about how well he looks after the car... he turned on the engine... 0 miles left of fuel... said it would be fine then proceeded to drive out to take me somewhere for a testdrive! I might have been bad with letting my other run low on fuel but I wouldnt go out if there was a clock that said 0! I protested but he didnt seem bothered :S I've seen another Focus (!) elsewhere and prev owner did the cambelt but not the water pump. Guy seemed to think it was run off a seperate belt. How to I check these things for myself? (It's a 2005 Ghia). 53K on the clock, bit crazy for a nearly 10 year old car!
  4. My engine is making a clicking sound

    I just heard this on a Fiesta I had a test drive in! It was quite frequent, maybe every 10 seconds but went when the aircon was turned off. I remembered when I got home (didnt buy it yet) the lady had told me when I initially rang that there was a receipt for something to do with aircon only from last month. Wondering if there was something wrong, they had it fixed and its still dodgy. seemed cool but not as cold as I was expecting and didnt test drive it far. hmmmm, had a google and strange some people seem to have it and some don't!
  5. Jeeeez, it's revving a bit when changing gear but when I come to a stop at traffic lights and out the clutch right after braking in it's gone crazy... shot right up to 6 and put in neutral and took foot off clutch but immediately apparent I should quickly cut the engine or it might not stop! I had to turn engine off twice today to stop it going so high Plus the idle is still rough as hell and cut out twice. I am feeling so rushed to get another car. I am not sure mine will last til I can get it to garage for diagnostics anyway. Doesn't seem much point judging by how bad it is.
  6. Cambelt Change...when?

    I didn't go back to this car today (will be getting the inspection thing I think if I go with this one) but went to see a Fiesta. Seemed ok but when the engine is running and the aircon is on there is a mechanical sounding click every 10 seconds. Not when aircon off tho. Not sure if it's normal but was every few seconds. :/ Nightmare buying cars aaarrhhh!
  7. Cambelt Change...when?

    Hmmm I spoke to garage and they said it was very dry and the only bit of oil was by the 'switch' that goes into the gearbox and they tightened it up. Really not sure what to think about this!
  8. Cambelt Change...when?

    Yeah I was looking at these inspections they do, not sure how it works as car might be sold by the time they book appt! Thankfully friend can come and look with me tomorrow tho. The garage do a 6 month warranty I think. I am still looking online for something else. Saw a Yaris too so might check it out. Tired of this car stuff now zzzzz
  9. Cambelt Change...when?

    Yeah I had oily stuff on my hand from where I was touching that area and the patch on the floor (although I remain mindful it could be on floor from a previous car... it seemed little further back to the bit on the car but roughly same area tho). :( It's done 57K and is 2007 plate. They have had it there 2 weeks. So out of interest what is that lead coming out of it, not even sure what I am looking at! A friend offered to come with me to help buy a car but I ideally want to find one I have seen already and feel it's half ok/take pictures of possible leaks so I don't drag him around lots of cars! I am reporting back to him now. It's a shame as I feel I like the car otherwise (providing it drives ok) :( Most friends who know about cars live quite far from me, including family who are ages away. Most of my friends in town don't drive at all so it's tricky buying one. Thanks for the advice :)
  10. Leaky Leaky Drip Power Steering

    I had this dripping from the pump. After the pump was replaced the radiator broke shortly after. After this was replaced shortly after again the power steering doesnt work unless foot on the gas at reasonable speed (not working at all to park etc). I have no fluid loss now tho but I feel your pain!!! I actually wonder sometimes if it's better to use public transport LOL
  11. Cambelt Change...when?

    I didn't get change to drive it but had a nosey around. I like this model. Engine idle sounded nice (anything sounds nice to mine atm tho!). Drivers window was a bit clunky as it closes. Although I have no idea what parts i'm even looking at (very non car savvy woman here :( ), I looked under the car and saw some wet on something... maybe a leak. Can you identify this and if it's bad problem? I asked them to check it out for me and they said they would get it on the ramp tomorrow morning. It's a worry as I know from experienc leaky things can be expensive :P think link should work http://s25.postimg.org/p0laxdu8f/IMG_20140912_170041.jpg
  12. Cambelt Change...when?

    I will go and look at it now I think. How do I check if the clutch is ok? Do I put it in 3rd gear and it should stall when release clutch? sorry all the Q's!
  13. Cambelt Change...when?

    Ah ok, maybe I should ask them to do it as it's 2007. They said they could negotiate the price a bit but not if requested work done. Do I ask for just the cambelt or a 'full kit' which I heard someone talking about (no idea what this means!) Thanks so much!
  14. I am looking at cars and like the look at this one (not sure if its overpriced tho??) when would cambelt need doing... the garage said 100K or 10 years but thought that might be leaving it too long. Should I be asking them to do it? http://www.autovillage.co.uk/used-car/ford/focus/mtz_38446_35603319 Thanks :)
  15. Blimey just rang about another fiesta with no SH.. what is it with people and Fiestas that don't look after them?? :S I have seen a 2006 Focus 80K, had SH at 13K, 24K, 42K and 71K. Still not as good as it could be but better than the others I have seen!