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  1. Vibration When Idle

    Thanks a lot for the replies. I am going to get a fuel cleaner in to the tank and see if that helps. I phoned a different Ford dealer earlier primarily to ask about the idle control valve which they told me are computerised on my model. I explained the issues i was having with the vibration and he basically told me not to worry and that due to it being a 2.0l the bonnet and dash will vibrate slightly. He said it is definately not the flywheel as i would know about it once that started to go. Also he said if it was his car he would not go to much expense in trying to eliminate the vibration as it will always do it. Funny that one ford dealer wanted £1400 and the other one 10mile away said it is fine.
  2. Vibration When Idle

    Yes i have a Haynes manual for my model but the idle control valve is not located anywhere. Thanks
  3. Vibration When Idle

    Thanks a lot for the reply. Ive checked the vibration when the clutch is pressed and there is no difference. I have looked for the Idle Control Valve but cannot seem to find it. Is there an easy way of identifying it? The model is a 2.0 ltr Titanium, 58 plate. mk 4. Thanks Ady
  4. Hi all, This is my first post and so apologies if it is in the wrong place etc. Recently become the owner of a Mondeo 2.0 titanium. I wondered if anyone could shed any light on a bit of an issue i have on my Mondeo. Model - 58 plate Mondeo Titanium 2.0l - 69,000 miles I bought the car second hand in Dec 12 ( 5 weeks ago) where the prev owner told me it had been stood for around 4 week prior to me buying it. I took the car for a test drive and didnt notice anything wrong. it was in excellent condition and so i bought it. I took the car in to Ford for a service just before xmas and they told me there was a vibration when idle (which i had noticed after driving it for a week). They initially thought it was misfiring but when that was not the case they said it was probably the flywheel worn and did i want it replacing there and then at a cost of £1400. I said to leave it for now and i am not really convinced that it is the flywheel. The bonet and dash vibrate a bit when idle but not when driving, there is no vibration in the clutch pedal when idle or revving the engine, there are no noises and the gear changes are quite smooth. the vibration is noticable but not too much. There are no vibrations in the lower gears either. If anyone has any suggestions as to what it could be and whether or not it is more than likely the flywheel? Thanks in advance for any responses. Ady.
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums adymac :)