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  1. Hi, Our ford s-max for involved in an accident and front of of car was badly damaged. We have fixed most of the problems and the car is drivable but steering wheel doesn't turn all the way to the right. its fine to the left. I would say it only turns 2/5 to the right! I removed the tyre and its the same with the disc only 2/5 turn. Anyone know of a fix? Thank you.
  2. Ford S Max Full Computer Diagnosis

    I found the following fault codes on this car DTC 01 F00616 DTC 02 C41668 DTC 03 C18400 Do these suggent major issues with the car?
  3. We purchased ford s max 62 plate off salvage and replaced all the broken/damaged parts. The car engine started fine and was on for nearly an hour but the gears and accelerator was not working. There were bubbles in the piple leading to the fuel filter so the mechanic took it out while the engine was running. The engine now cranks but never turns on. We would like to take the car to ford for full computer diagnosis and wonder if anyone know roughly how much the charges are?
  4. Hi, We have nearly connected all the hose to our car but here are some hoses which are still haning around and not connected at one end. Part 1: 9M5Q-9K272-AB HOSE - INTAKE MANIFOLD Back end is connected to somewhere behind the engine and we don't know where the front goes in. I think its the hose 9F722 in pic 1 Part 2: AG9N-7B344-BA can't find this part on the web but this pipe looks exactly as 7B344 here http://bilpart.ru/ford/parts/manufactur/ford/year/2008/model/130/group/1177497/shared/1 part could be: 6G91-7B344-BA part 3: 6M21-U023A26-AG TUBE ASSEMBLY Connects somewhere at the back and near gearbox i think. shown as <01523 here http://www.gb-auto.ru/part/6302
  5. Anyone Know What This Part Is Called.

    Just got some more photos off ebay for the similiar engine. CAn you see in pic 2 the hose coming from back to front. Don't know where it connects at front. All sorted. I have connected the hose as shown in this engine. thanks everyone.
  6. Anyone Know What This Part Is Called.

    PA6-GF35 (matches with other part above) AV61-9C623-B N07011C160 N07011C170
  7. Anyone Know What This Part Is Called.

    showed it to a mechanic who charged me £40 and said this connects to the air filter box but we have just installed the air filter box and there is no such places where this part will connect. we have one spare hole as pictured. Do these two bits connect together. this part is connected behind the engine and numbers on it are PA6-GF35 (matches with other part above) AV61-9C623-B N07011C160 N07011C170
  8. Anyone Know What This Part Is Called.

    option 3 looks good to me. I went to ford this morning and they showed me this part on their system but couldn't find me hose coming out of this bit.
  9. Anyone Know What This Part Is Called.

    Thanks for that. Do you also know what connects to that hole there?
  10. Anyone Know What This Part Is Called.

    thought it would be much easier to look for the main part in order to find which pipe connects to it etc..
  11. Anyone Know What This Part Is Called.

    Yes got to do something with oil. We managed to get used part and fitted it. Do you know where the pipe shown in red circle connects? picture 2 shows same part broken.
  12. Anyone Know What This Part Is Called.

    I have spent hours and hours on google to find where one of the pipe coming out of this strage kit would connect to. I will take some clear photos tomorrow.
  13. Anyone Know What This Part Is Called.

    we purchased it from salvage with front smashed!! i believe warranty voids after an accident?
  14. Anyone Know What This Part Is Called.

    Thank you for very much for your help. Do you know if there is any engine sketch or diagrams available for this car where you can see which pipe is connected where etc..? Our car really needs to be seen by mechanic but dad is determined to get it fixed by himself lol
  15. Anyone Know What This Part Is Called.

    thanks. yeah something to do with fuel system. its from ford s-max 62 plate 2.0 duratorg diesel engine 140bhp