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  1. Power Loss When Engine Warm 1.6Tdci

    Thanks. I'll look into that. Do you think it's more likely to be that than the Turbo?
  2. I have had many problems with my 55 plate Focus 1.6 TDCi Diesel but this one is a new one. When the engine has warmed up and I've been driving for a while. The engine shows a complete lack of power and if I put my foot down or change gear the car will struggle to gain power like an asthmatic pensioner. If I rev it hard and almost to the limiter, it seems to clear the problem for a while. When driving normally, this last two or three months, the car seems to lack power generally. The turbo doesn't seem to be providing the boost it once did. Not sure if this is related. Prior to this loss of power, I was driving up a hill labouring the engine and suddenly there was an almighty bang and sudden complete loss of power. No limp mode but the symptoms of that followed this. I later learned that one of the turbo pipes had come off. Are these problems related? Could this be an unwell turbo or dodgy injector? Any pointers would be appreciated. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  3. Which Is The Better 1.6Tdci 2.0Tdci Engine

    From my experience, I'd say 2.0 litre all the way. I have the 1.6 and it's possibly the worst experience I have ever had the misfortune to endure. My car has a full service history and has been well looked after and it never fails to let me down. I will be getting rid as soon as I can afford to replace it! I previously had a 2.0 litre and it was one of the best cars I ever owned and I only replaced it because of its age. Wished I kept it now though.
  4. Focus Diesel Sudden Power Loss Then Stall

    I wasn't expecting it to be that expensive. It didn't happen all at once. They'd repair one thing and I thought it's sorted now but it wasn't. I'd invested so much in the car, it seemed right to do it. Had I foreseen the situation, I'd have jacked it in and got shot right at the start. Lol -_-
  5. Loud Whooshing Coming From Engine

    I had to replace both of those and the fuel oil filter. All victims of friction wear. -_- Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  6. Focus Diesel Sudden Power Loss Then Stall

    The total bill with everything came to just over £1200 with parts and labour. -_- After all of that, the service is due now and MOT next month! Lol. Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  7. Focus Diesel Sudden Power Loss Then Stall

    I usually use Morissons fuel. I think the problem with the power loss was down to a catalogue of problems. The oil filter ruptured due to vibration / rubbing. Turbo was connected to the engine block without a gasket. The intercooler pipe was badly split in a difficult to see place. All of these issues are apparently quite common (except missing gasket). This was all very expensive along with getting the DPF replaced! Seems to be great now it's sorted. Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  8. Focus Diesel Sudden Power Loss Then Stall

    Been a long time but I removed the expensive after market audio and put the ford one back with the addition of the IO Play 2 audio system. It works alongside the car audio. All problems immediately ceased. It appears these cars can't cope with not having it's own audio installed. Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  9. Focus Diesel Sudden Power Loss Then Stall

    Cool. Let me know how you get on. If there is a way round this, it will be very helpful. Thanks
  10. Focus Diesel Sudden Power Loss Then Stall

    Hello there. I had diagnostics done as well and mine came to about £164. I'd assume less than that. Hope it gets sorted for you.
  11. Focus Diesel Sudden Power Loss Then Stall

    Hello there. I had diagnostics done as well and mine came to about £164. I'd assume less than that. Hope it gets sorted for you.
  12. Focus Diesel Sudden Power Loss Then Stall

    Ok just got back from Ford Garage. I needed a new fuel filter apparently. It was badly clogged. Once changed, my fuel flow and pressures returned to normal working parameters even under load. Glad that's sorted. Thanks for all your help with this everyone. The Electrical problem is apparently my own fault. Apparently there are multiple errors in the log due to me using an after market audio system. This is also related to my alarm and central locking issues. Is there anything I can do to work around this. I struggle with the fact they made the whole system interdependent. I asked, "can't you tell it to not check for ford audio?" I was told in short that I have to remove my car audio and replace it with the original. Any ideas on a workaround?
  13. Focus Diesel Sudden Power Loss Then Stall

    I Hi thank you for your help. I have no idea about the EOLYS as I've only owned the car six months. It hasn't been looked at as far as I'm aware. The last two days the power loss issue has gone. So a faulty sensor is entirely possible. Is it likely to be expensive to fix if it is that? I've nervously booked the car in to a Ford dealer for them to take a look. Typical if they can't reproduce the issue as its temporarily stopped doing it!
  14. Focus Diesel Sudden Power Loss Then Stall

    Hello again people. I have visited a local garage and they were very kind and gave me a free diagnostic. The car has come up with four fault codes. Could anyone offer any further advice given my issues with the sudden power loss. The first one is P0087 - Fuel rail/system pressure too low. 2. P1180 Fuel delivery system low. 3. P1551 Injector circuit cylinder 1 out of range. 4. P2459 (DPF) Number of DPF regeneration cycles too high. Thanks in advance......
  15. Focus Diesel Sudden Power Loss Then Stall

    Thanks for the help so far. Tried locking with the key in the door and / or the remote. No difference. If I don't bother to lock it, it works as it should. Not sure if it's related But if I unlock the car and then don't open any doors the Car will lock itself again as I suspect it should. The only thing is, if the car locks itself, the alarm will go off guaranteed. Perhaps these two things may be related?