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  1. Freaky Window Problem!

    Many thanks folks - Global Open and Close - functionliaty I didn't even know existed. Kids banned from playing with keys. Not sure I can think of time when I would want to simultaneously open all windows remotely. In an accident possibly. Thank you all again - much appreciated.
  2. Freaky Window Problem!

    Folks, New S-Max owner - got an ex-demo '57 1.8 TDCI last week and very very happy with it (at last a family transport vehicle that still has some fun in it for the driver!). Totally freaked this morning to open front door and see all four car windows fully down! I left the car locked and secure last night - I know I did as I unloaded the little people and went back out to get something and locked it behind me (Still new - still have to look at which button to press on the key...). Kids too small to have done it and engine was off before I lifted them out of car seats. And in the this weather I KNOW we didn't have the them down on the journey! Hubby walked passed it later in the evening and windows were up. Since talked to a friend who says same thing happened to them on their 06 model - at the time they assumed kids must have done it but were v puzzled and unclear how it had happened. Plan to call dealer on Monday but wondered in advance if anyone else had this and any suggestions for sorting? Random window opening when car is off is a security nightmare. At least it didn't snow last night.......