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  1. Focus Diesel Sudden Power Loss Then Stall

    Martyntdci, I don't know whether you were referring to my problem or bprecy's [perhaps I should have opened a new thread!] but if mine, noone can get any kind of reading with a diagnostic tester...
  2. Focus Diesel Sudden Power Loss Then Stall

    Hi, I thought I would post here as I'm having a similar problem - though not quite the same. My Focus diesel [early 2002] runs perfectly from cold but once it gets up to normal operating temperature the engine stalls suddenly. It is sometimes possible to restart whilst the car is still in motion and the clutch depressed but it will quickly stall again. The problem started after a coolant leak [repaired now] caused the engine to overheat and stall. I have taken the car to 3 garages, 1 saying they couldn't diagnose the problem, a second changing a relay switch and then suggesting it was the fuel pump and a third replacing the camshaft timing sensor.. I'm no expert but the suddeness of the stalling suggests an electrical problem to me and the fact that it only occurs when the engine is hot, perhaps points to a sensor.. Any suggestions would be gratefully received!
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums Furrowhopper :)