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  1. Hi, could anyone shed some light on my problem, i have a 2001 1.8td Fiesta van that has just hit 30,000 miles today, i had been on the road for 2 minutes this morning when all of a sudden my van lost 1/2 power (felt as if turbo had failed) and at the same time i noticed that the fan had come on, there were no warning lights or anything, i lifted bonnet to check it wasn't too hot and engine bay was fairly cold as it was first drive of the day, i stopped van for a few seconds and restarted and all was ok, i then travelled 30 miles with no probs, i thought at first the handbrake could have been sticking and causing it to run hot and feel as if it was lacking power but it seems free with no binding at all, any thoughts or ideas?, thanks, Steven
  2. Thanks, do u think it would be possible to do with a heavy bench vice?, does anyone know the torque setting for the hub nut?, cheers.
  3. Hi, i need to change a rear wheel bearing in a 2003 festa and was wondering if it is a diy job or not, i have heard they can be a nightmare to press out, any ideas?, does anyone know the procedure?. Thanks,
  4. sjs


    Hello, just out of curiosity, how long should my thermostat take to open at idle on my 1.8 td fester van on an average May evening?, cheers.
  5. Hi, i have a 2003 i.4 zetec fester. The engine light illuminated a few months ago and was diagnosed by GK Ford Carlisle as having a blocked cat, we had a cat fitted supplied by TMS motor spares, about a month later the light has come back on and Ford have diagnosed once again a faulty cat, is there any common faults with the mk6 that would cause it to damage cats i.e. running rich etc, it does use a very small amount of oil but nothing other than normal usage, it had new lambda sensors, plugs and ht leads when cat was fitted, it's currently on very thin ice as we've had it 4 months with nothing but trouble!, cheers.
  6. sjs

    mk5 hub nut

    hi, does anyone know the torque setting in nm for the rear hub nut on a mk5 fiesta van?, cheers
  7. Hi, my mk5 1.8td van is having a bad day! 2001/51 27,000 miles regularly serviced, due in May I was driving it last night through the backroads round home in 5th and boxed down to 4th and it just lost power as if the clutch was slipping but only had half revs, if it was the clutch it would have been all revs and no go but it was half revs and no go!. I pulled over a popped the bonnet to find the fan going but i had only been on the road 5 minutes!, stopped engine and restarted and all was ok, does this point to something electrical?, thanks
  8. sjs

    Steering wheel question.

    Thanks, we are having trouble finding a good 2nd hand fester wheel and thought if the focus was similar it might be worth a try, but we'll just have to keep looking for the right fester wheel, are the mk6 and mk7 the same fitment?, thanku
  9. sjs

    Steering wheel question.

    Hi, will a focus wheel fit the mk6 fester?, cheers p.s. speedo problem was caused by dash needing calibrated.
  10. Hi, does anyone know if a 2007 fiesta steering wheel will fit a 2003 mk6 fiesta, also are there any common faults with the speedo on a mk6 as mine has gone off it shows no speed and no mileage, cheers
  11. Hi, does anyone know how to remove the regulator on a mk6 3door as i need to replace the window regulator, i have the panel off i just can't see how to get the inner panel out that holds the reg, cheers
  12. sjs

    Mk6 Problems

    Hi, can it be made into a decat pipe?, and then pass MOT?.
  13. sjs

    Mk6 Problems

    Hi, thanks for the replys, a few more issues, cracking window turned out to be regulator fault, new washer jets ordered to stop water leaks which could have caused a major problem!, engine light came on the other day and ford think the cat is blocked, when driving the car home after ford looked at it but hadn't worked on it, i noticed the speedo wasn't working and the mileage wasn't showing, is this part of having the engine light on or is this another problem?, is there a way of fixing the cat without replacing it?, or is it a straight replacement?, thanks
  14. sjs

    Mk6 Problems

    Thanks, the washer pipe isn't actually burst it's letting rain water in between the jet and the bonnet, is there an upgraded jet with a better bonnet seal?, cheers.
  15. sjs

    Mk6 Problems

    Hello, i recently bought a 1.4 mk6 Fester on a 03 plate, the car runs and drives great but has developed a few problems in the 2 months i've had it, any help would be great, Washers only work if stalk button is pushed in hard and wiggled up and down, (possibly just stalk). Battery light has come on dash whenever driving in any condition, (motorway or backroad), Centre console moves with gearlever, N/S window makes a loud crack when putting down from very top, (silicone spray), Washer jets leaking between bonnet and jets, (leaking onto engine), Headlight adjusters on all the time, (dipped beam way too high), Power steering very noisy, (normal p/s noise but 10 times louder), Has anyone experienced any of these probs before, are any of them common, thanks again, Steve