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  1. clayton1

    Ford Focus Tdci Ghia 2006

    Good afternoon everyone , i wonder if any1 can help me out, i have recently bought a 2nd hand 06 focus ghia , i am trying to find out if the stereo has bluetooth module, i have found the bluetooth on /off through the stereo menu but my htc wildfire is unable to pick up the ford audio on its bluetooth search (bluetooth is on in the stereo) now i have tried the phone button then the menu button as been advised by a friend but he has the newer version of the 6000cd stereo where the phone button is green and on the bottom left of the stereo, my phone button is black and on bottom right and all it does is mute the stereo........does anyone have a suggestion.
  2. clayton1

    Steering Controls

    hello guys and girls, i just got a focus tdci ghia, i was flitting thru the onboard settings and came across the steering set up i.e, sport ,comfort and standard. can anyone tell me what each does and the benefits off them, thanks clayton1
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums clayton1 :)