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  1. I've got a Y reg focus 1.8 D with 205,000 miles on it. Runs lovely. Had an ex BT Van once on an "H" & I could only prove 360,000 miles. It was showing over 400k. Used it for a courier job for two years and did 105k a year in it. Loved it.
  2. Ford Fusion Warning Light

    Hi. Eventually got it sorted today. Fault code P0380. Glow plug system error. So replaced with new NGK's & new relay. Total cost off the self of £55. Light has gone off and car is driving like it was when I bought it new. Amazing that glow plugs can be such a pain. Did not need the new throttle body so going to sell it. Cheers for all your help & hope this is useful to someone in the future.
  3. Ford Fusion Warning Light

    I'll be gutted to get rid of it but its sat in my garage for two years and never been out the street. Anyway as for the Fusion i think i will change the glow/heater plugs and see if that works. Its a 57 plate 1.6 TDCI. Anyone know the part numbers so i get the right ones.
  4. Ford Fusion Warning Light

    I would like the details of the Good Mapper for future reference as i'm going to buy a Diesel mondeo next year, (18 month old one) and thought about a "Bluefin" or a self tune kit of some sort. Got to get rid of my 3Door cosworth first. :-(
  5. Ford Fusion Warning Light

    Thik its going to be a very expensive trip to a garage as i'm stumped and not skilled enough for stuff like that.
  6. Ford Fusion Warning Light

    I know it has a throttle body as I have put a new one on today but i am well stumped as to what the problem is. The engine runs real nice and smooth then as soon as the orange Cog light comes on it sounds like a petrol would if you pulled a lead off a plug, realy lumpy. Turbo is fine and responsive and everything else works spot on. I've read it could be a glow plug off but it starts great and if so why not show on initial turn of the key. God its so frustrating.
  7. Ford Fusion Warning Light

    Hi, I have a 1.6 TDCI Ford Fusion 2007. The orange Cog warning light has come on. I've replaced the whole throttle body and the light stayed off for nearly ten mins then came on again. Any ideas as i'm well confused now. ???????? Regards, Mike.
  8. Welcome to the Ford forums Bluetrackdemon :)

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      Hi and thanks for the welcome.