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  1. Me and a few mates are heading over to lakeside tonight, was wondering if anyone from the forum was gonna be there at all? I'll probably be there in my blue fiesta, even tho its standard lol
  2. Cheers mate! I'll get down to my nearest ford garage :P
  3. ok well i expect a lot of you know exactly what im talking about, as ive been told its a common problem! basically even when the heaters are on cold it still blows out hot, and it can get really un-bearable. ive heard that its something to do with the heater valve? if it is, is it something i can do myself? unless any of you might know another problem, im open to any diagnosis.
  4. I work in retail, the only time we close is christmas day and even then they take that as our day off, so we lose out on pay for a day we cant work anyway lol ive done a few long shifts as well for the over time, think my longest was 7am til 10pm. I was dead on my feet by the end of it.
  5. Snowed quite heavy down here in bexhill/hastings. At first it wasnt laying but then eventually it did set quite thick. I had to drive in it briefly to get home which involves a couple of hills that were a bit dodgey to get up. The worst bit was when i nearly lost it into a parked car, i swear i literlly sh*t myself at that point lol Lesson learned, shes staying parked until the snow clears.
  6. For me id start with the visuals first. Small things like de-badging, some HID's, slight window tints, a new set of rims like BBS or any nice looking oem rims. Get it lowered on some lowering springs and fit a new exhaust so it sounds better! If i was to ever mod the engine my zetec then i would have to drop in a puma 1.7 engine, but then id have to get some serious performance mods for the handling.
  7. Cheers for the advice lads, i'll bear all that in mind! Its definitley not worth the risk of my insurance not paying out if i havent declared anything.
  8. sorry if this is in the wrong section but i was wondering if i could get some advice on my insurance in regards to modifications. basically ive read that if there are any engine modifications then this can obviously make your insurance go up in price, but what about visual modifications? ive got a few plans such as lowering springs, new wheels, new exhaust and slight tints etc. would these all need to be claimed? i have no intention of modiying the engine to create more power. i know this might sound like an obvious question but its my first car, so any help would be appreciated.
  9. Yeah i guess im being a bit cynical cos mine seems to be in better condition than hers, even driving wise. Its all down to the life its had i suppose.
  10. I suppose it depends on the age, and like its been said; it depends on how its driven. For the record my mk5 fiesta is 13 years old and its done 86K. Although my friend has the same car and its only done 40k apparently, but i reckon theres something dodgey going on there.
  11. Cheers for the welcome lads! I'll get some pics of the motor soon as i can :)
  12. Hi, just thought id introduce myself first! I live down in east sussex and ive only recently pass my test at the age of 22 lol i got myself a ford fiesta mk5 1.25 zetec, its a decent little car and ive got a couple of aesthetic mods in mind already. Hopefully while im here i can learn a few things and get involved in a few ford meets!
  13. Welcome to the Ford forums JamesFRD :)