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  1. The power operated tailgate sometimes doesn't lift up. The catch opens and then it closes again. This is intermittent so it will surely work perfectly if I take it to the dealer. This is the same when using the key or the button on the door. Anyone got any ideas?
  2. A bit belated I know_ I eventually called the AA out when it packed up completely in Cheshire. The Patrol guy (Shaun) spent ages testing everything without success and eventually they carted it off to my local dealer (70 miles away). They told me that they had fitted a new starter motor. It's fine now.
  3. Cruise Control.

    Probably too late now... The only way to reduce speed with CC on is to use the brake or click the (-) button. Using the brake automatically switches the CC off.
  4. Thanks Alex - I guess doing what I did was pretty much like turning my computer off and on again to clear a fault.
  5. This morning I got in the car as normal, belt on, foot on brake, press Power Button and it didn't start. The lights all came on the dash and the radio worked but the starter did nothing. I tried several times but still nothing. I got out and locked it all up and then got back in and it worked as it should..... Now I am worried that it is going to let me down when I really need it. Anyone got any ideas please?
  6. Flat Battery

    Takes a lot of energy to turn the engine over so a new battery would be the obvious place to start. Have you tried charging it up? Jump starting it? All the other problems might be cause or migh be effect. I would try to start it with another battery first and if that didn't work then take it down to auto electrics or somewhere.
  7. what did my wheels come off?

    Not that rare... Several on E-Bay for around £35
  8. So all the parts plus fitting them came to 460 euros. That's about £330 plus VAT. Now you have all that new running gear plus brake discs and pads. You can take your family out safe in the knowledge that it won't let you down. No it wasn't cheap but not a rip off either. It's all very well saying you can get parts cheap on E-Bay but you still have to fit them and you have no idea whether they are right or not. This way the garage has to warrant its work and the parts they fitted.
  9. Engine mountains... Faulty nut.... Just let the poor bloke out
  10. First one I owned was a Zodiac in 1960. Tokk an hour just to polish the chrome and did nearly 18mpg. I have a Mony V6 Ghia x now with Granadas, escorts and Cortinas in between. Oh! and a Vauxhall 101 :(