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  1. Hi stoney and thanks for the reply but do you no which relays and where they exactly are please cheers dean
  2. Hi all im new here,i have a galaxy o4 130bhp ghia.Its been a fantastic car till yesterday,the front wipers wont work at all as neither will the washer motor.Ive checked all the fuses and they all seem fine.I then thought the motor could have seized up so ive stripped the relevant parts out and removed the motor and arms all in one.After puttin a spanner on the centre nut the motor and arms all seem fine and work as they should.Im now scratchin my head and wondering what next as it definately seems to be a power issue as the wipers or washers wont work,but the rear one still works as it should.Can anyone advise me if there is a relay or relays for the wiper motor please many thanks
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums deanom245 :)