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  1. Hi, I'm new to the forum, so I'm not sure if I've searched comprehensively enough to uncover a similar topic that solves my problem. I have a Mk7 Titanium, and recently the heated windscreen on the entire driver's side stopped working (great timing for the current climate!) Since the passenger's side works fine, I thought it would probably be a fuse specific for the driver's side. However, I've just checked both fuses behind the glovebox, and they look fine - I swapped them around anyway, so when I next get a chance to use the heated screen I can see if the "blank spot" swaps sides. I've seen a video on youtube showing a design fault on Focuses that shows part of the wiper assembly rubbing against the element connection on the driver's side, which looks like it would fatigue the flimsy foil wire before too long. I was wondering if anyone knows of a similar issue with Mk7 Fiestas? Moreover, would it likely be something that is covered by an extended warranty if a garage said it would have to replace the whole windscreen to fix the problem? Thanks in advance for any advice! :)
  2. Welcome to the Ford forums ajlaan :)