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  1. Ford Focus Calcium Vs Lead Batteries?

    got it :D i have just bought this vehicle and im under the impression that it has a lead acid battery i will check first thing in morning but a few places and sources have told me that it could be the cause of all issues :) nobody can quitge explain why but there some strange electrical faults that seem to arise because of this simple oversite?
  2. After trying to diagnoise the starting problems with my 2005 focus climate and reading replies from members i have seen a lot of talk about calcium batteries and how "apprently" people who have used to lead batteries 'not all people' have experienced some unusual electrical faults similar to mine... does anyone have clarification on this? curious to know about this smart charging etc...and the effectivness compared to regular lead batteries couldnt tell u the difference betwen the two to be honest! when it comes to stripping an engine down and bodywork ill happily do it all but electrics realy are not my thing...too fiddly ;) and the rhyme the blue one connects the red one and so forth doesnt apply to cars :D thanks guys look forward to hearing your responses
  3. Hey :) Thanks for reply, i have checked and its just a focus zetec climate dont thinks its the other one you described. as far as i am aware it has a black battery in it so that could be the cause of the problem? on a curious note why does it make a difference? when switching the ignition to position 2 the fuel gage goes up, and when position 3 it drops back to 0 and takes 3-7 seconds for the fuel gage and the rev counter to go to idle and fuel level all very strange :s Thanks!!
  4. Hi Guys, New to this forum so thought better say hello :) Ive been having some unusual problems with my 2005 focus zetec 1.6 climate. Just to start :D 1. Intermittent battery problems / starting problems. Sometimes if i leave overnight and come back in the morning battery is flat as a pancake. there was a problem with the cd6000 headunit that was causing it too stay on??? any ideas??? BUT! i drove today about 80 miles pulled over turned it off and back on within 5 minutes and wouldnt start...the second i recieved a jump it was perfect again....so investigated some more when i got home tried it again 9-10 starts and it started fine...very intermittent and a pain in the backside... 2. The rev counter when you fire the engine sits at 0 for a few seconds likewise does the fuel gage then suddenly pops up to where it should be given a 5 second delay? is that normal??? 3. Smallest problem of all :) replaced interior light buld still not working...assuming it will be a fuse somewhere or anyone else have any ideas? kind regards daniel thanks for all your help guys
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums dcpearce2010 :)