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  1. Tdci Gear Knob Removal

    Yep just unscrews
  2. De-Cat. Tdci?? And Egr Blanking?

    As above, if you have a look through the forum you will find plenty of posts regarding the same questions
  3. I changed all my tail bulbs with the exception of the indicators. I think most of them were bought from ebay but I can't remember who the sellers were. I went with cree bulbs for the reverse and fog, which are bright but are very directional so can't be seen that well from the side. The tail/brake was a general led with loads of mini led light on it. The high level brake bulbs were bought from jpwarden. I know the usual advise is to by from decent shops in the uk, but in alot of cases they turn out to be cheap chinese bulbs with inflated prices.
  4. In Car Video Camera For Less Than £11

    I bought one of these a couple of years back for about £20, it has been very temperamental as in the buttons only work when they want to, and it will stop itself for no reason. I guess you get what you pay for.
  5. Mist Jets

    You'd think it would be the other way round.
  6. My New Mobius Dashcam

    If only life was so simple
  7. New Mondeo Tyres, Front-Rear Swap, Part Worns

    I personally wouldn't touch part worns unless you know for sure where they came from. I used to buy them when I was younger to save money, but it turned out to be false economy and alot of them had invisible faults, hence why they were removed in the first place. some examples are I had a full set which looked perfect, but when they were on the car it shook terribly, when I went back to the seller it turned outthe car had been torched but the tyres were ok, on further inspection it turned out they were all warped due to the heat. Others I have had, had bulges which weren't shown until the cars weight was on them, but if this was on the inside of the tyre it wasn't seen unless I get under the car without lifting it off its wheels I also put on tyres that had slightly more wear to one side than the other due to previous cars misalignment, they also wore down very quickly When I did more research I found out once the tyres have worn unevenly, even though you might get tracking or whatever is causing the problem corrected, the tyres will not correct their wear and stay in the already uneven worn shape so still wear unevenly.
  8. My mistake in describing the egr There are three egrs on the mk3 A vacuum powered one (euro3) which it sound like you have. This just has the hose and no electrics. The EML almost never comes on on euro3s. A vacuum powered one but also with an electrical connection (euro4) this works the same as the previous one but when you blank the egr or block up the hose the EML more likely than not comes on. The mechanical one (also euro4) where there is no vacuum hose as all and its just an electric motor that opens and closes the valve. If you only get smoke when you really boot it, this could be normal. Excessive smoke often means an egr problem of split air hose, as James says the hose just before the egr is the usual one to split but the others have sometimes been known to. If there comes a point where you think a hose is split, a visual check doesn't always show the splits. The best way to check is to remove them and give them a bit of a twist which will open up any splits. Silicone hoses can be bought on ebay for less than half the price of fords rubber ones and will last alot longer too.
  9. This method is suggested and used by alot of people, but. It only works if the egr is, either in fully working order or jammed completely closed, if not then the valve could be open to some extent and allow gases through. The blank stops the gases completely whether the egr is working, faulty or open. Also it won't work for the mechanical egrs
  10. Worst Round-About Ever?

    I contacted the council this time last year and again about 4 months ago. Both times they said there were problems with the roundabout regarding layout and signing and they were investigating it. So in other words bugger all will happen
  11. Worst Round-About Ever?

    Odsal top roundabout in Bradford must be close to the top of the worst round abouts in the UK The council changed the markings last year so now; There no signs leading up to it to tell you what lane to be in, The only painted markings on the road are within 3 or 4 feet of the junction, so If a car is already waiting to drive onto the roundabout in front of you, you don't know where that lane leads. The directions painted on the roundabout itself contradict the painted markings at the junctions (providing you managed to see them in the first place) The white lines are just a complete circle round the roundabout, (no dotted lines showing lanes turning off to a specific junction or changing from one lane to the other) There are now three lanes marked round the roundabout when it is only wide enough for two. And to top it off, it is in Bradford so only a quarter of the drivers take any notice of road markings anyway so its a complete melee
  12. This often happens when you replace a large amount of bulbs to leds. There is always a tiny amount of current going through the light system until the energy saver kicks in after about 20 mins and the power stops, but normal bulbs are higher power so the power isn't enough to light them up, but enough to glow leds. The usual advice is to have one bulb as a standard filament one to draw this small amount of power, the ones usually used are either the glovebox light or maybe a rear courtesy light that would need to be an led.
  13. Ingenius Russian Solution To Broken Wipers

    I remember doing that alot of years ago when the wiper motor broke. Then holding a washing up bottle full of water out of the window trying to hit the windscreen when the washer jets were frozen
  14. Quick Question On Led Circuit

    I would say go with example 1... although I have, in one or two instances had to use the switch on the negative side, which has still worked, providing they leds have their own separate negative/earth.