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  1. stevehk

    Mk6 1.6 Tdci Cold Rough Idle

    Heya, Just had a very helpful call from Vospers (Ford Dealer down my way), they asked the kind of runs i'm doing in the car, i'm doing fairly short 10mins runs to work, (no idea what the previous journeys were like). The chap then immeadiately pointed me to the EGR valve and suspected its was clogged, which would explain the rough idle (it was hunting above the normal idle point, rather than under) and the smoke puff on start-up. He recommended to run it 2.5k rpm for 10mins, get the system hot to clear it, once a week, so I will go for that at the weekend. He also pointed me to diesel grades, again no idea what the previous owner used, but its now running on V-Power diesel. I also asked about glow plugs, he said they would be unlikely to come on unless it reaches -2, even then they may not be needed. Thanks for your help. Will post outcome. Steve
  2. stevehk

    Mk6 1.6 Tdci Cold Rough Idle

    Great thanks very much for your help, out of interest do you have any idea when the glow plugs should normally come on ?
  3. stevehk

    Mk6 1.6 Tdci Cold Rough Idle

    Hi sorry, I meant lamps on the dashboard, I haven't been under the bonnet yet. Off hand do you know where the glowplug fuse and relay is within the car, i'll check that first.
  4. stevehk

    Mk6 1.6 Tdci Cold Rough Idle

    Hi Mate, Its roughly 51,000, I did a lamp check to try and find where on the dash the glow plug indicator sits, the lamp does show on the test. But of course that could just be the lamp circuit.
  5. Hi Chaps, Apologies if this is placed somewhere else, but I have just bought an 06 1.6 TDCi Zetec S fiesta. When started in the morning it seems to have a rough idle with some minor smoke on start-up, drives fine and within 20-30 secs it idles fine, no problems when its warm. I checked the menu on the dash display, it doesn't appear to have any fault codes on there, but one thing I have noticed, I have never seen the glow plug light illuminate during starting. Next step for me is to run some injector cleaner through the system, but has anyone had similar problems ? Thanks, Steve
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums stevehk :)