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  1. Happy Birthday rob.forscttuk!

  2. Focus Car Alarm gone Potty!

    where did you find the alarm horn???? dont really want to take the whole car apart to find it
  3. Alarm

    my hazards flash when i dead lock the car, but even under the door/alarm check when the hazard will flash for each individual door for faults in the central locking the alarm doesnt go off, could i just have a central locking module as i dont have abs fitted either, or radio stalk etc. i seem to have a very basic zetec. im having to go past my nearest ford dealer tomorrow, so i can find out from them if my car has an alarm, as its all on the cars file, and they may be able to advise whats possible. ill let you know what they suggest tomorrow at some point.
  4. Alarm

    i have a remote key and its fully functional, from 2 meters away (think battery needs replacing) but the car has no alarm. now i thought the alarm was part of the remote central locking am i wrong in thinking this. if i change the module would i not as TDCist say and have reprogammed?? ive only just in the past months set up the remote locking and ford charged me £17.50 just for the programming, something id prefer to avoid, if its just over an alarm.
  5. Alarm

    ok so heres my problem, every forum ive seen says that a car with remote central locking should have a alarm, but mine doesnt. if i was to change the module would i have to have all my keys reprogrammed and would fitting the standard module with the alarm work. i can get a module from scrappy easily but would it work if i connected it to mine. i currently have a 1.8 16v zetec it has no steering controls, after market radio (not out of choice) and no temp read, can i add any of these easily.
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums rob.forscttuk :)