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  1. Running Problems

    yeah i was looking on google other day and came across it could be that also. grandad is gonna wait and see if he is asked to repair anything else. as she put it into the garage to see why it was cutting out and they told her it was the lamba sensor which was replaced yesterday but didn't solve problem they also said her clutch was slipping but there is nothing wrong with it. there is a few things it can be so will need to figure out which one.
  2. Running Problems

    sorry just asked grandad it wasn't coil . it was the spark plugs and the leads that were changed not coil pack.
  3. Running Problems

    the coil pack was replaced about 3-4 months back when the spark plugs were done. according to the haynes manual replacing the throttle body or the accelerator pedal you need to reprogramme it is this true?
  4. Running Problems

    cheers mate will give it a try! saves spending £270 on a new throttle body if its just that as there only £11 on ebay :)
  5. Hi guys my grandad is currently trying to find the problem on my aunties ford fiesta 1.2 finesse 03 plate. what its doing is when it first starts you need to keep your foot on the accelerator or it cuts off. it will only keep running(once you have foot of pedal) if the tempature gage goes to the normal notch. just changed spark plugs a few months ago and replaced a 02 sensor just today. but its still not fixing the problem. there isn't any diagnostics codes on the machine its clear. thanks
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums James04 :)