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  1. Non-Starting After Dmf Change

    I only bought the 2nd hand flywheel as I was out of work and needed to fix it cheaply. It had less than 5k usage, as seen on the history and the clutch looked new also. I'm sorry that I couldn't afford new parts, I had to do it on a budget being out of work! Even buying the new flywheel bolts and oil etc it's still only cost me about £120, where I was looking at sub £300 plus! Maybe you should think about why I may have done the second hand route before giving me grief and actually try and help me!
  2. Non-Starting After Dmf Change

    I bought the flywheel 2nd hand from a breakers. What does it mean if the coil light flashes whilst cranking? Are the flywheels different on difference power outputs or does it go off the build date?
  3. Non-Starting After Dmf Change

    Are they easily damaged? Wouldn't this cause a fault? I put the new flywheel on correctly (I hope) as I had the locating dowel on and this aided me putting the blumming thing on! Is there anyone local that could have a look at it for me? Beer/fuel tokens available!
  4. Non-Starting After Dmf Change

    Yes I think so. Would it not start if there: A) wasn't enough oil in the gearbox; b ) the sensor that points at the back of the flywheel is damaged or has been pushed back; C) wouldn't a warning light come on?
  5. Non-Starting After Dmf Change

    It looked exactly the same and was listed for my model. I'm now really worried that all the work I've done I now have to undo. The car turns over like it should, it just won't fire up.
  6. Hi all. I know I'm new, but I'm hopeful that I will get an answer I desperately need. I have just changed the dmf on my 2.0tdci 130, put it all back together, but the thing refuses to start. I have not seen any engine management lights (if there is one), but it does just turn over like it did before I took it apart. It is low on fuel, but did run perfectly (but rattley) before I started. Help!?!?!? John
  7. Mondeo Radio 6006E

    What year is your Mondeo? If its pre 2003, a double din unit wont fit unless you trim some of the dash to make it fit.
  8. Brakes Issue......

    Hey all. I've had the front wheel bearing changed at a local garage since it was making a right racket, and they stated 'it fell apart when we took it apart'..... but also mentioned that the flange was in a bit of a state but I've found that its not rumbling at all now. Since I have had it back, I've suffered with a very strange issue with the brakes. At speeds of between 5 and 25mph, the brake pedal is extremely stiff. Its almost like its not assisted anymore. When the car is at around 15 and under, the pedal will start to judder and its almost like you wont be able to stop the car. Above 25mph, the pedal is absolutley fine, just as it was before it was repaired, and under 5mph again, all is well. Anyone got any ideas? Something I did notice, was that the mechanic had left the caliper hanging by the brake flexi (something I was always told not to do), would this cause an issue? Thanks for any advice. John
  9. Mondeo Newbie Needing Help!!

    The weeping pipe is one of the ones that comes across from back to the front of the bay and into the pump, I'm guessing thats the low pressure side of the fuel system. I'll be nipping it up probably tomorrow, and then having a look at the boot lock/switch. Not really sure what to do re- wheel bearing, wether to get a salvage one and then re-furb the existing one and re-fitting it. The airbag light issue seems intermittant, I've been out in the car twice and once it came on, the other time it stayed off. And I have a Nokia CK-15w on its way to be fitted to the car and debating reversing sensors (for her indoors as she's 5ft 2!!) Thanks for the welcome too, I'm already enjoying the car as its comfier than our other car, which happens to be a family wagon (Vaux Zafira)!
  10. Hey all, I'm a Mondeo newbie (as the name suggests!) and I have just bought a 52 reg TDCI 130. It has a few problems, and these are the ones I need some assistance with. The boot will not open either with the keyfob or the button on the dash, only with the key. Why is this? Also, there is a slight diesel leak on one of the pipes I'm guessing goes to the diesel pump. Is this a common fault and can I just nip the union up with no issues? Can a front wheel bearing be easily changed for a home mechanic? I have also found that the airbag light is flashing then coming on constant. Is this to do with the fact I've moved the seat? Does this need resetting somehow and how? Can I fit a stereo out of a later mk3 Mondeo as i have a Ford 6000 in there at the moment? The car overall is lovely, it has 135k on the clock but does not smoke on hard acceleration. Thanks everyone for any input. John
  11. Welcome to the Ford forums Mondeonewbie :)