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  1. Happy Birthday Jonniesharpy!

  2. Which System?

    Hey, thanks for your advice, I finally got a new unit and the cage sizes were a nightmare, I'l post a photo soon. Was a pain in the !Removed! getting the old unit out, anyone want it? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-4500-RDS-E-O-N-/261165734224?pt=UK_In_Car_Technology&fits=Car%20Make%3AFord&hash=item3cceb0d950&_uhb=1 Jon
  3. Brand New Member

    Well, the stereo is top mod right now. Music's important for me, so plugging phone/ipod in is pretty imperative. What a weird player that triple deck standard thingy is. Looking forward to swapping that out. I just posted over on the Fiesta section. Looks like i've done it right, excited to see what other people have changed it for! beyond that, I love the look of the car already, swapping the 5 spokes for some 15/16 spokes would be nice. And a small tailgate spoiler (non offensive). i also want to see if the rear lights can be swapped out for frosted white ones to match the headlights. One step at a time though eh? where did you start? jon
  4. Which System?

    hi! My first post here so please be gentle with me! I've just bought a Mk6 2004 Fiesta Zetec, and I'm the happiest man alive. Well i was, until i realised how basic the CD player in there was. (And how horrific the removal procedure is) So after watching Youtube videos I thought, screw this, Im calling a pro. The result...? £60 to remove and fit a single din cage! Result. So now i get to chose which lovely looking stereo I want to replace it with. This is where i was hoping i could see some peoples results? What did you go for? Why did you go for it? Do you like it? Single Din or Double Din? i did notice this, and wondered if anyone had fitted one and what they're like? Will it fit straight into the hole left by the original stereo? http://www.halfords.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/product_storeId_10001_catalogId_10151_productId_925239_langId_-1_categoryId_265857 Are there better double DINs out there for similar price? Many thanks guys Jon
  5. Brand New Member

    Thanks guys! Picking up my fiesta tonight, I am MUCH excited! Already searching these archives for the triple CD player removal and a few other mods! Pleasure to meet ya'all Jon
  6. Brand New Member

    Maddogpro: nope wasn't lying down, it's an odd photo though. Should have taken a better one in hindsight ;) Thanks for your links resident Sherpa, strap an engine to that bike and we're away! Strangely sexy. Will definitely look for badge overlays!! Thank you every one else for your kind messages Jon
  7. Brand New Member

    Hi there, wanted to introduce myself as a Ford fan, I'm so happy to be an owner again, and even happier to be part of these forums. so I started my obsession with focus that I miss still to this day. I sold it to join a band, silly idea in hindsight. These are the best pictures I could find: After this I got into bikes for a bit but soon realised you can't get a Ford bike so I recently became the new owner of this beast: I cannot wait to take delivery (Tuesday) and find out how to get the most out of it. So that's me. Hope to have as much involvement as I can out of these pages. Peace, jon
  8. Welcome to the Ford forums Jonniesharpy :)

    1. Jonniesharpy


      Thankyou very much