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  1. GillyShack

    ! Guide ! Installing A Sub Box To Mk7

    Check where your remote is, chances are you're picking up interference from there. Remember also don't run your RCA's directly beside your power cables down the side of the car, it takes longer but you're better running them down opposite sides of the car! That saves noise too. And of that still doesn't work then you can get noise suppressors that will cancel out the noise!
  2. GillyShack

    Fiesta Speakers

    I've recently attached my Sub through my original mk7 stereo and what a difference it makes to the front speakers! Because of the way the line driver is wired, it takes all of the load from the front speakers and wheeks it to the sub! I would do that instead of changing speakers :) I replaced the stereo and speakers in my old mk5 and preferred the old fordy speakers in!!
  3. GillyShack

    Ford Boot Light

    I had fun at the scrappies!! :D To answer my question! Fords use the same boot light on mk5 fiestas, mk6 fiestas, the mighty fusion and Focus's! Lol
  4. GillyShack

    Ford Boot Light

    Where did you wire them to? The courtesy light? With the same wire for one fuse?
  5. GillyShack

    Ford Boot Light

    Nice one! Aye looks the same! Dude! That's just asking for pictures!! Show me!
  6. GillyShack

    Ford Boot Light

    Nah that's not Ford's game!! Haha Aye was gonna take a trip to the scrappies you see and didn't wanna pull loads of wrong bulb holders with me!! Haha. Was contemplating selling them with a wee wiring kit to make a 2nd boot light? With not a lot of profit like :D haha. We shall see! Safest thing would be to take it with me, or a picture a least! Haha!
  7. GillyShack

    Ford Boot Light

    Howdy! I'm wanting to add an extra boot light to my LED'd MK7 2011 Fiesta, easy enough job! Just wondering if anyone knows what light holders are the same ad the ones they use in the mk7 fiesta's? I'm sure the mk1 focus' are the same? It's Just for getting a replacement at a scrapyard as they have every other fiesta/focus but the mk7 fez! Thanks for reading my essay!! X
  8. GillyShack

    Led Bulbs

    Aye- Aye, Q5's. they're a nice touch like! Nice cheap mod that stands out! Hate yellow bulbs like!! Need brighter sidelights, they've only got 5 LEDs! Not enough for me like! ;)
  9. GillyShack

    Led Bulbs

    Aye, they're bright like (955's) but could do with ones that aren't closed at the side so can project to the sides too :) but mines are awesome :) I've attached a few pics for your viewing pleasures ;)
  10. GillyShack

    Led Bulbs

    I've just ordered led reversing bulbs for £7 on eBay- will post the results when I get them! I'm sick of !Removed! yellow lighting everywhere!!!!
  11. GillyShack

    Where Do You Put Your Ipod?

    I lift the gear surround up, tuck my pod and cables to the left of the shifter, close the hatch and hey presto! Nae cables to be seen! And more importantly- NO ONE CAN CHANGE THE SONG!! The good thing about the USB controls is none of these vauxhall drivers can figure it out !!
  12. GillyShack

    Getting Plastics Resprayed - *edit: Did It!*

    rair vents- any tips for how they come out? i've tried everything i could think of! but they're not budging! even scored one with a bojo... :(
  13. i got my sunglasses holder from a mk3 mondeo to do the old mod into a mk7 fiesta, but when i was taking the bits apart to clean up and paint, the spring clippy bit popped out before i got a chance to see how it came out.... and cannot for the life of me figure out how it fits back in! Any chance of someone posting a pic to help a sista out? :D
  14. GillyShack

    How To - Sunglasses Holder

    i know this is old now- but the spring retaining clip on my sunglasses holder has popped out when i took the holder apart, any chance of someone posting a wee pic of the left hand mechanism? i cannot figure it out! ta!
  15. GillyShack

    Getting Plastics Resprayed - *edit: Did It!*

    I can't figure out how to get the damn air vents oot? I've read everything about it... But no where states where the tools go... Does it go to the outside of the ring, inbetween the spongey dash and vent surrounds, or inbetween the vent and surround? :S maybe it's cause I'is blonde... Anyone help meh? My door handles look the dugs nuts so far like!