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  1. Alarm System?

    ahhh well in that case i dont think it does, i checked this afternoon by making my brother sit in the car while i locked it, then asked him to get out, as soon as he pulled the handle it released the central locking.
  2. Alarm System?

    sorry just checked it on google. not entirely sure though, my car has central locking by the key, ie not remote. does this make a difference ?
  3. Alarm System?

    excuse my ignorance but what are deadlocks ?lol
  4. Alarm System?

    hey again. can anyone tell me anything about the fiesta alarm system ? ive read the owners manual and it says about the double lock system and that when activated the hazards will flash twice, well ive tried all this to no avail. i know theres an immobiliser linked to the codes in the keys, but other than that i can seem to find or activate any sort of alarm. ( theres a flashing red light on the dash when the car is locked ??? ) can anyone enlighten me ? :) thanks and good night all
  5. A Late Hello

    jesus chris she looks amazing, dont suppose you have any pics from when you first got it do you ???
  6. A Late Hello

    wow chris, shes a beauty. how long have you been working on her ?
  7. A Late Hello

    lol chris we supply everything for mini's including all original parts as well as modern performance parts for both onew and classic mini's. from wheels and tyres, full exhausts systems right down to the little round sticker you can stick your center cap on your wheels :) http://www.minispares.com/
  8. Track Rod

    sorted the vibration out guys, the track rod end was 1 turn off and as such the wheel wasnt quite straight, turned it one more and all is good. no more vibration and the steering wheel is now back in line :) thanks for all help once again :)
  9. A Late Hello

    hi all, sorry its late but i thought id introduce myself. im jayy from north london, i drive an 02 fiesta zetec SE 1.25 in blue, i work in mini spares, potters bar as a forklift driver so if you have a mini we cover all variations of mini old and new, with all the parts you could ever need, in stock. so if you need parts call us :D lol anyway im looking forward to being part of the community. many thanks and good night
  10. Track Rod

    heyy all, thanks so much for all the advice, i heavily soaked it in wd40 over night, went down yesterday morning and still had no luck, decided to try a pipe wrench. had no luck on the first 3 attempts and 4th attempt she come free took it out completely then went out on a hunt for a new one, managed to get a brand new one for £8.99 at my local parts store :o :o ......very suprised.....also changed the rubber gaiter to be safe ill add a picture of the old tie rod so you can see the damage :)....as for the tyres i went and had to decent part worns put on for the time being had to have a new steel rim though as the alloys was seriously damaged and im told one alloy and one steel on the front with different tyres will get me pulled over, i have been offered a very nice set of 14" alloys with fairly decent tyres all round for £100.00.....a good deal i thought... the only problem i have left to deal with now is my tracking, i thought i had put it back as near as damnit by marking it with paint but when i hit 55mph coming onto the m25 tonight the steering was vibrating like mad so i think tracking and probably balancing at the weekend. (could tracking explain why my steering wheel is suddenly off centre????) anyway ive ranted on for long enough, thanks again for all the advice. byeeeeeee
  11. Track Rod

    i did spray it up with wd40 quite heavily whislt trying to undo it to no avail but i will soak it and leave it over night and see . thanks for the tip
  12. Track Rod

    hi guys, ive bent the inner track rod on my fiesta after hitting the kerb in the ice last night. as far as i can tell the balljoint on the end of the inner track rod unscrews from the ram on the steering rack, but its seized/rusted solid and will not budge ive removed the track rod end from the hub and removed the gaiter from over the ball joint but cannot for the life of me get the balljoint to unscrew. any suggestions guys ???. greatly appreciated.....
  13. Welcome to the Ford forums zetecse :)