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  1. Ford Sync Autoplaying Iphone

    The aux button has three settings bt USB and aux ie headphone jack if when u press the aux button it is on Bluetooth it will play music through bt even if your listening to the radio so leave the aux button I either USB or aux (headphone) then it will not carry on playing music through bt even when on radio
  2. Ford Sync Autoplaying Iphone

    When on the aux setting make sure it is left on USB or aux and not the Bluetooth then when on radio won't play your phone as well
  3. Facelift Headlight Info

    the leds are the sidelights as well they just dim a little to become the sidelight then there is the dip beam bulb and full beam thats all there is and obviously the indicators slightly inside
  4. Ford Sync Update

    Yeh mine is the face lift model no just thorough normal messages it just started coming up but when I tried when I first got the car it did t work
  5. Ford Sync Update

    i have a 62 plate titabium ecoboost and i connected my iphone and that didnt connect text messages but then the other day it just started reading them coming up which sort of suprised me to be honest not been that impressed with the sync with my iphone seems to do wat it likes when it likes
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums whitey5000 :)