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  1. Alarm

    yeah won"t work but was told my model is to new and you can"t do it anymore so not sure
  2. Alarm

    sometimes yeah but thought the key unlocking the door would knock the alarm off guess it dosn"t then guess my fob is knacked changed the battery and is still dead
  3. Alarm

    no one told me that but when I open my door with the key the alarm goes off straight away and won"t stop until I turn the ignation on which I find strange I thought it would turn off once I open my door but it won"t is there a reason for this
  4. Alarm

    can anyone help please
  5. Alarm

    thanks for that but have tryiedall that and it dose not work was told my model wont do that and I was concerned that the alarm went off I yhought by opening the door it would turn the alarm off
  6. Alarm

    my car fob stopped working and now when I open my door with my key the alarms goes off can anyone help please
  7. Key Fob

    there is no other light that will come on I have tried again since you said
  8. Key Fob

    I can only see one red light between the temp and petrol gauge and it just flashes
  9. Key Fob

    I have just tried that but it wont work the red light won"t stay on it just flashes
  10. Key Fob

    yes its not that it just stopped working the other day
  11. Key Fob

    my key fob has stopped working and when I open my door with the key the alarm goes off can anyone help please
  12. my key fob has stopped working and when i open my car with the key with a few seconds my alarm goes off not sure if that is right or not

    1. becky boy

      becky boy

      can anyone help I have changed my battery in the fob but still no good

  13. Welcome to the Ford forums becky boy :)