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  1. Mondeo Fault Code Help

    yer iv just been out again and it seems to be a bit better
  2. Mondeo Fault Code Help

    like your in the wrong gear bit juddery if you put your foot down it splutters then goes fine
  3. Mondeo Fault Code Help

    right changed the pipe and stoped the leak car runs ok with no fault coming up but is a bit rought in 5 and 6 at low revs could this just clear its self after time
  4. Mondeo Fault Code Help

    im unsure i had some one check it for me i didnt do it myself
  5. Mondeo Fault Code Help

    thanks but he was 70 so long shot lol
  6. Mondeo Fault Code Help

    dont mean to sound thick but what sensor the cam posision sensor ?
  7. does the metal pipe that goes to the egr valve have to be a sealed pipe the reason i ask is mine has come loose from the mounting plate and unsure if i need to change it as it wont come apart but isnt welded together any more ?
  8. i may be wrong as i got confused with my own codes but p0251 is one of the codes that i had injector pump meter control but if it is the egr valve if you search google you will find posts on cleaning it
  9. i had a company come and do mine and cost me £25 worth a look on the net for local mobile mechanics that do it
  10. Mondeo Fault Code Help

    thanks for your help what could give me the u1039 code
  11. hi all im new to the forum and in need off some help iv searched the net and im getting confused with all the answers as they seem to say opasit things i have just brought a 03 mondeo 2.0 130 when u drive the car u get the glow light flashing then car cuts out totaly if u turn it off and on again it will restart and keep going till the next time and so on iv had it checked and results were fault codes are p0251 injector pump meter control ? p1000 test incomplete ? u1039 vehicle speed signal missing or incomplete ? p1211 injector control pressure sensor above/below desired ? i had a diesel leak from the piep that goes up the back off the manifold from injector pump up to the injector rail so iv orderd a new pipe and will be fitting tomorow im in need off some help trying to understand the cause or understanding the fault codes i know these cars have a problem with injectors and in an ideal world i would say just replace everything but i cant afford to do this so im trying to understand the codes so i can try and narrow down the problem any help would be great many thanks kev
  12. Welcome to the Ford forums kevctr :)