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  1. Front Wheel Hub Nut Loose

    It seems after the work had been done on it, it was tightend to a strong enough defect. Check it weekly once re-tightend and ensure of no looseness again. If there is, due to lack or non locking at all, it might be that the treads have worn so therefore need replacing. Not to costy at all, however could be if not put right, as with any moving part! Hope it's all sorted soon for you!
  2. So where's this picture! Glad you sorted windows out, always a nightmare not being able to exactly what you require! Was there no log book with the car?!
  3. It sounds very much like a loose earth, had the same issue on a Fiesta! However like with anything these days something so small as an interior light can drain the whole battery in hours! Be sure that all is switched off, I know on the fiesta that even if I did not manually and physically turn the radio off via the on/off button, then it would hibernate but drain throughout its off time.
  4. Help! Looking For A Few Parts!

    This is just it, I'd rather pay Vospers or another manufacturing company. With the engine cover, the foam underneath is worn away, is this ok to fit without it?
  5. Help! Looking For A Few Parts!

    I would prefer OEM, however mudflaps to fit a Ghia are proving to difficult for me.
  6. Help! Looking For A Few Parts!

    Just brought the engine cover from Ebay, but its the mudflaps next on my list but not many will go for the Ghia.
  7. Help! Looking For A Few Parts!

    All of them ideal, I found ford parts online to be a little out of touch on what your actually buying, and they won't supply the fittings.
  8. Hello From Devon

    All there all, Just brought a Ford Mondeo, 2006, 2.0 TDCI Ghia. And well my very first car as a Ford Mondeo Fiesta Ghia, so it's nice to be back in the driving seat of a Ford. Well hopefully looking for many answers from the site, a couple of threads already made. Looking to improve the car further and though she is already in splendid condition, it would be great to advance her further. Looking forward to chatting to many of you. Adam.
  9. Afternoon all, I have recently brought a Ford Mondeo TDCI 2.0 Ghia 2006, and looking to take it to the next step in her history and glory of a fine looking and clean car that she is. However I'm looking for the following items and having no luck to ensure they are the correct ones or best buy, any help is greatly apprechiated; Alloy Wheel Centre Cap (polished look) Tailor Fitted Mats Front and Rear Mudflaps (that are for the Ghia, as most arent) DuraTorq TDCI Engine Cover (with washers/rubbers/fittings) Any help on those items are greatly apprechiated. Thanks.
  10. Welcome to the Ford forums adamhawk :)