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  1. The Mondeo Battery Disaster

    I would but Ford did not do it, good idea all the same I will get onto the man who did
  2. The Mondeo Battery Disaster

    Hi Salsheikh, Is that on the radio or the car?
  3. I am the owner of an 07 plate mondeo titanium x which when I bought it had a single cd sony unit fitted and voice control, after about 4 months of ownership the car battery died when one of the cells went open circuit, as a result of this the car would not start or even recognise the keys on the imobiliser. I had to have the car reprogrammed and all was well in that area but as you would imagine the radio wanted a code which I did not have and to get the code I needed to remove the Radio so I purchased the keys to remove it, 3 of them went in fine but the bottom left hand side would not release and I had to lever it up and flick the lever in order to get it out... Bad move because after that even though I got the code when I replaced the radio it was dead. I purchsed a replacement but it was the 6 cd version but when I put it in and tried it none of the voice commands were there instead it just works as though the voice module is not fitted but I know it is because my phone is still paired with it so I get silence when trying to answer the phone in the car. Question: Does the radio need some programming for the voice module to work? Oh and the Radio came out of an ST of simular ilk. Many thanks in advance for any help on this.
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums ErnieS :)