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  1. focus engine heat?

    ooh, I do have the blowers demisting but not usually on the high settings. I will try doing a journey without using them at all for a little while and see if the fan comes on still.
  2. focus engine heat?

    I'm gonna be honest with ya, I don't know what that means. If it's the blowers in the car then yea, I gotta admit, I do have them on setting 2 quite a bit to keep the windscreen clean of condensation because I have a car full of people quite often.
  3. focus engine heat?

    My 03 plate focus seems to have its engine cooling fan (nice technical name) on all the time. My temperature gauge starts off at cold in the morning and then is right in the middle between hot and cold after driving 20 mins. I'm not sure why but the fan just always seems to be on making loads of noise. Is it true that if I try the trip button trick on the dashboard, it should tell me the temperature?? If so, what temperature should it be after running about 30 mins?
  4. Brake Fluid Leak

    Hey, thanks for the reply. I checked my pedals, and there's no sign of any fluid there. I was told to check my brake master cylinder but I'm not exactly sure where it is in the engine bay if I'm honest. Also, Isn't the brake master cylinder sealed making it unlikely I will notice a leak? I'm going to take my drums when I get a spare minute to see if there's any fluid inside there (is that even possible?)
  5. Recently I have been needing to top up my brake/clutch fluid on my Focus 53 plate, at least every 4 months from Min to Max. I'm guessing I've got a slow leak somewhere, but I can't find out where. I took it to a garage, and the mechanic said he thought it was the clutch because the brakes looked ok, so he changed the clutch but I still had to top up 4 months later. I'm pretty sure the brake fluid has air in it now aswell because the brakes feel really spongy and rubbish. I'm not really sure where I should be looking for a leak because it could either be the brakes or the clutch I suppose. Can anyone give some guidance on where to start? Will I most likely have to take it to another garage?
  6. I'm having trouble bleeding my brakes because I can't loosen the nipple on the first brake I started on (read drum brake). Does anyone know the size spanner I would need for the nipple because my 10mm won't fit it and the 11mm is too big. I did notice that one of my imperial sockets fit it nicely however I couldn't fit my wrench in it. I tried loosening it with the 11mm but it started to round off so I stopped. My friend told me it was a bit too far-fetched to take the whole drum brake off to get my socket wrench on it so I just really need to know the size. On another note, does anyone know what size or specification the Focus wheel nuts are, I kinda rounded one of them by accident aswell..