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  1. All, Quick update, i took my car into the garage and they gave it a good looking at and couldnt find anything wrong with the Springs, Ball joint etc. The near side tyre needed replacing so i took the car in to have the front tyres replaced and during this they checked the front tracking. The near side front wheel tracking was out by 0.65 degrees (which i gather is quite excessive?) so they corrected it and fitted the new tyres. The 'clunk' has gone, i think what was happening was when i had full wheel lock to the right driving forwards, because of the tracking being out, the near side wheel was being 'dragged' across the surface. Checked regularly since the tyre cahnge and tyre wear doesnt appear excessive. I was always under the impression that tracking being out like that would be noticeable when driving but the car drove perfectly. Thanks for all the advice, much appreciated. Alan
  2. FOCA, Many thanks for the response. Think it is the CV Joint or Spring, not an engine mount since it only happens occasionally and when i turn right plus checked under the bonnet as best i could yesterday and all looks ok. Tyre inflation is correct, i check regularly including yesterday and correct for my tyre size / car. The wear appears to have occurred over a very short period of time - only a couple or 3 weeks - since i do check my tyres quite often as i tow a caravan. Will see what the garage finds. Alan
  3. Cheers Guys, much appreciated - maybe the cause of one of the many potholes round here?!? Alan
  4. Hi, Been a lurker for a while but after some info / advice is poss please. I have a 2010 Mondeo 2.2 Diesel Estate, a couple of weeks ago i reversed off of my drive, stopped, put full right hand lock and started to pull away and felt a 'clunk' through my near side front wheel, at the time i thought i had driven over a stone or something, didnt think nothing of it. Yesterday it happened again and then again this morning although this morning it happened a couple of times. Seems to happen when first pulling off. I have also noticed that the outer edge of the near side front wheel is bald. I check my tyres on a regular basis and didn't notice the worn tyre last time i checked my pressures maybe just over a week ago. The rest of the tyre has plenty of tread remaining, tyre is only a year old. I have a feeling it maybe a CV joint but would welcome anyones thoughts / advice on this. Taking it too the garage later this week to have it looked at. Many thanks Al
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