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  1. Dash Rattle

    Hello, Ive got the 1.6 zetec s 3dr petrol and have the same rattle if you find out any info on it Please let me know ?? Its driving me nuts ! Cheers Ben
  2. Hello, I brought my focus Zetec s about a week ago and have been out in the snow the past few days and my eps or something is making a horrible crunching sound, have took it back to ford and they say its normal !! Anyone else have the same problem ??
  3. Anybody else's EPS making a horrible noise in the snow ??

    1. Nay ZS

      Nay ZS

      That will be the ABS system being brought into play. Sounds like a metal grinding sound. The traction control system has a imitation limited slip diff mode which uses the ABS to break a wheel if it is spinning faster than the other one. You will especially hear it kick in if one wheel is on snow and the other is on tarmac. The ESP system will also call the ABS into play if you were slliding. Eg if you did a sharp turn round an icy bend. It will break the individual wheels as required to help...

  4. Welcome to the Ford forums Ben james :)