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  1. 2.0Tdci Clutch Issue

    Update - the clutch now works. Turns out it was a sticky clutch plate. One thing to woo hoo about because the car now moves. However, I have the wonderful engine light on. The car doesn't have any oomph behind it and mpg is pretty poor. No idea yet what it is, so I've ordered a code reader to reset the ECU, drive it, wait for the errors to pop up and then run a diagnostics on it again so hopefully that will shed light on the mattter.
  2. 2.0Tdci Clutch Issue

    Thank you very much! I am hoping it is not the crankshaft. Trading Standards are aware of the problems, the ball is rolling on it but that alone is a long winded thing with no gurantee of a result going my way. Needless to say I am glad I have Ford diagnostics papers. The gearbox doesn't grind no, clutch feels as normal, you can't select gear when the ignition is on, but you can when it is off. If you start the car in gear the car jumps. I believe dad has begun to dismantle everything again to remove the gearbox.
  3. I did contact. They said they don't store those codes. Fortunately I found my code, but I thought it was rather strange. £30 for a nut key. I never thought Ford would be more expensive than BMW :P
  4. 2.0Tdci Clutch Issue

    Thank you FOCA for your prompt reply. I can't answer that quite yet but I have printed off your message to give to my dad to read shortly when he is home. Andy Dibley - If you start the car in gear even with your foot on the clutch it jumps. (This was after the nipple bleed but before the pressure bleed) When the engine is not running you can select gear, but when the engine is running you cant. You can hear the revs change very slightly as you try to push it into gear. The clutch peddle feels as it should. I know when we have had the car out of gear and ignition off, the gears can be selected from the engine bay as well. UPDATE: I showed dad the message and he informed me he has tried. The flywheel kit was produced by SACHS. Dad contacted them to confirm the part numbers. He is hoping it is the pressure plate binding on the input shaft but said that worst case it could be that the crankshaft is bent which is prone to happening driving with a damaged flywheel.
  5. I have learnt that Ford are not particularly useful. Just make sure you do not lose the key code for your locking nuts otherwise you will be drilling them out!
  6. 2.0Tdci Clutch Issue

    Hello all! I posted this in general before I realised there was a dedicated Focus section, so I do apologise if you've read this twice! I am new to this forum and admittedly I am not overly mechanically savvy but I do know the basics and have savvy men in the family who can do anything mechanical but are knowledgable in BMW's rather than Ford's so this is where I need your help! Basically, I purchased a Focus late last year. 19k on the clock. Find out the flywheel was severely damaged. Ford want 2k for a repair job so my dad offers to do this. (Now, my dad can do anything you need on a car, rebuild engines, fit head gaskets etc but he is cloudy when it comes to Ford's as we have owned BMW's for a very long time.) My dad replaced the flywheel, clutch, starter motor, pressure bled the clutch, checked gear linkage but we have one problem. We can't disengage the clutch. It will go into any gear when the engine is off, but once running, it will not go into gear. We have searched everywhere, partially knowlegable views online, but mainly unknowledgable, contacted SACHS (who recommended the clutch plate might be catching, so to pump the clutch to free it...this of course did not work.) so before we strip it back down and remove that ridiculously heavy gearbox again I would like all the mechanically savvy people to help shed light on the possible problems/solutions. I would hugely appreciate your help. Kelly
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums KBatt72 :)

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      Hey! Thank you very much! :D