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  1. Happy Birthday GaryLinn!

  2. Fiesta Shuddering When Idle

    Update. Car has lost all of its coolent and I'm stuck in tescos until the aa come and get me .
  3. Hi all, Thought I would grab some opinions. To set the stall out the car (MK6 fiesta ) has been lowered, and has a full stainless steel exhaust system, and its passed an MOT on Tuesday with just a exhaust bracket needing replaced. The car seems to violently shudder/shaking when its idle , ie at a traffic lights or parked up, you can really feel it moving underneath you. I just put it down to the fact the exhaust is moving around underneath the car. But upon "googling" the symptoms, it seems that the shuddering could be caused possibly by a damaged engine mount, or gearbox, or an exhaust mount, or even the butterfly valve. At the weekend I am going to investigate the engine department and try and find the mounts, I have a 80 day mechanical warranty but the garage is in Southampton (im in Bournemouth) and just want to make sure that im exploring every possible option before driving there, see if anyone else has had this issue, or am is it just the case that the exhaust is causing the shuddering. Thoughts please? ps. the revs don't move at all.
  4. What Do You Reckon To This?

    Far too much money , there's quite big scratches and dents all over! PS. whats with the water (?) stains all over the passenger seat?
  5. Hi

    welcome from a fellow *cough* newbie
  6. Installing A Subwoofer To A Fiesta Mk7

    Not really. You will need to feed your "live" wire (red one) either through the bulkhead (should be a plastic cap over a small hole on the passenger side footwell of the car) or feed it under the wing and into the car. You will have to take the door sill off and feed the wires under the carpet. Make sure your phono cables are ran along the opposite side of the car away from the Live cable to save on interference. Best place for the "Earth" cable would be the bolts on the lower boot latch. IMO I would mount the amp and sub on a piece of fitted wood and drill in place to save it knocking around. Hope this helps
  7. Hello..........

    well it was a good choice of car for the price to be honest, picked it up for £2600 with 65k on the clock, 2 owners, can belt and air con/steering pump (cant remember) change at 61k with full service history. The chap before has put some 16" graphite alloys on it, lowered, smoked the rear windows and fitted a cat back so I couldn't argue :)
  8. Hello..........

  9. Hi, Has anyone ever managed to fit the 18" MK1 RS Focus alloys onto a fiesta? Im not too sure that its even possible ( I pick my car up tomorrow and it has been lowered on springs and fitted with black 16" alloys - dont know how much it has been lowered by but looks about 30mm) , I am not too sure about the offset on these cars and the focus, and whether the arches would need rolled etc. I can pick these alloys up pretty cheap so if its possible..........
  10. Hello..........

    Cheers ! :)
  11. Mk6 Or 6.5?

    Hello, Brand new so I am not too sure... whats the main difference between the Fiesta MK6 and MK6.5? is it a difference in bumpers? could someone help clarify please. sorry to be such a noob :)
  12. Mk6 Fiesta St Seats?

    Hi, not too sure... But are these the seats on Ebay?
  13. Hello..........

    Hi, thought Id join the club instead of stalking the forums from the shadows. Just purchased a black 55 plate MK6.5 1.6 Zetec S. Bit about my car history.... 2004 206 Hdi 1998 406 v6 Coupe 1998 406 sri (only wanted the turbo for a Mi16 Turbo project) 1997 FTO V6 1987 405 Mi16 1991 Renault 19 16v Chamade As you can see i have mostly been a "french" car lover , apart from my fling with the Japanese.. Anyhow, look forward to meeting you all... Gary
  14. Welcome to the Ford forums GaryLinn :)