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  1. Rear Washer Hose

    I know this is a month later but did you get this issue resolved? I have just fixed my 53 plate Focus and it was a bit of a pain. The water pipe is rubber internally and is routed above the roof felt on the passenger side. If you open the rear hatch and gently prise the felt away you will see the pipe. It then connects to a corrugated black pipe (8mm OD) which feeds through the gaiter along with the cables for boot release, number plate lights etc. It then connects to the back of the upper brake light unit where the washer jet is located. I searched everywhere for the corrugated tube but to no avail. I could only find 10mm so the internal diameter was incorrect. I resolved it by getting some thick walled water pipe which had a 6mm ID. Here is what I did. 1. Remove the upper brake light. Be careful not to pull it too hard, I found it easier to pull slightly whilst easing it to the left side. 2. Remove the electrical connector and the pipe from the rear of the unit 3. Take the new hose and feed it up** from the roof void area, though the gaiter; it should appear in the gap left by the light unit ** use some silicone lube to ensure it runs smoothly through the gaiter and ensure the tube is long enough. I took a 0.5 metre length so I had spare to play with. 4. Push the tube onto the nipple at the back of the light unit, reconnect the electrical plug then gently push back into place. Put the connector in first on the RH side and then the whole unit fits snug. Secure with the two torx screws. 5. You will need a thru-connector for the tube which you can get from a motor factors. Push one end of the connector into the existing tube and the other into the new tube. I cut my tube to the correct length so it didn't bend or put undue pressure near the gaiter. You should now have a new water feed to the rear washer. Test it for any leaks. If you find any leaks I advise some silicone sealant in a small amount. This will require you to dry all connections then smearing a small amount of sealant. Use a flexible one that will form a nice watertight seal but will still flex and also allow you to remove the connections at a later date should you need to. Give it sufficient curing time and then test again. I hope that helps, please feel free to ask anything in case I have missed something
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