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  1. 1.8 Tdci Ticking Noise?

    Please tell us all what's gone wrong with the head? This engine is not known for this issue.
  2. 1.8 Tdci Ticking Noise?

    Dear All Yes you are indeed correct about the history of the Lynx engine, but it's only a few mods that were done, nothing really was that different in the overall design layout of the block and camshaft. I seem to remember that the old 1.8 lynx engine on my old Escort had bucket and shim adjustment for the valves. I say this as I changed the timing belt and I distinctly remember the cam shaft had the locking bar slot in the cam end, same as the Endura. So why is this mechanic talking about rocker arms on his TDCI Diesel to Kcr4cer?
  3. 1.8 Tdci Ticking Noise?

    As you have mentioned rocker arms in you post I wonder if we are all talking about the same engine, as my 1.8 TDCI 4 cylinder 8 valve Endura Diesel did not have rocker arms, as the cams worked directly onto the valve buckets.
  4. 1.8 Tdci Ticking Noise?

    If it's in good nick and you like the car go for it, as these old Focus Diesels can go on forever. My Diesel 1.8 focus estate got to 173,000 before I sold it. It that time apart from the scheduled service items it had had a new DMF plus rear suspension bushes and exhaust. I don't think the Endura 1.8 Diesels are known for camshaft problems, but you can never tell. The bucket shims are though rather expensive if you need to reshim the whole 8 valves. I don't suppose it's just that you are hearing a mechanically internally noisy injector ticking, I don't mean diesel knock?
  5. 1.8 Tdci Ticking Noise?

    The timing belt should be changed at 110,000 miles but because of the cars age it needs changing ASAP, because if it loses its teeth it will destroy your engine completely and the car will be scrap. Do not delay and change the water pump as well, as its part of the belt run.
  6. Focus and Cmax diesels to have a problem with the filter housings and they usually break after having the filter changed on a service. You are not alone on this issue.
  7. Yes the coolant reservoirs do rattle a bit, but that's not what I am talking about on my car, Mine is noisy valve gear and pistons clanging when cold, though I am told that sometimes cheap supermarket fuel can cause injector clatter on this engine. Honestly,I have heard Diesels that are quieter than my engine when it's cold.
  8. Hi All Just to update you. I first had a listen to friends engine and it is as noisy as mine. I then took the car into the Ford agents with a covering letter, asking them to listen to the noise and record the findings on the car's service record, as its only done 1800 miles. They said that they all sound like this when cold. I think you will find that it's because the cylinder head is allowed to warm up before the rest of the engine,so as to help fuel efficiency and emissions. This means we get valve gear clatter and piston slap until the whole engine reaches full operating temperature. Have it officially checked by all means, but I think you will find they are all the same when running from cold and sound like a barrel of bricks.
  9. I have the same issue with my 1650 mile ecoboost 125ps C Max. There is a light knocking from the passenger side that increases with revs when cold. It goes away when the engine is hot . It could be the turbo bearings or perhaps piston slap. Has anyone come across this problem?
  10. More information please, does not start and cut out in ___gear? Have you had the fuel filter change? Is the engine turning over without the usual resistance to the starter motor?
  11. It seems rather dramatic to seek a new loom when all you say you have damaged is the plug. Surely its possible to find a breakers with a smashed car, cut the section of loom that goes to the ecu, then splice the new plug and cable onto your old loom with connectors.Its not as if this is a new car. I will go look at my 1.8tdci Focus in the morning. Incidentally, do you find your EGR gives a shushing noise at certain throttle openings? Mine always has.
  12. 1L Ecoboost Possible Problem :s

    Have you filled up with supermarket fuel? If so try Esso or Shell before going back to Ford,
  13. Engine Rattling When Idle

    The concentric cylinder is the modern version of the hydraulic cylinder and release bearing. The cylinder used to live outside on the gearbox bell housing and work a pivoted lever that went to the release bearing inside the gearbox housing. Nowadays its built into and inside the unit and is impossible to get to without the complete dismantling of the power unit/clutch assembly, which you will be having done to replace the DMF. That's why it needs to be changed, even if there is nothing wrong with it.
  14. Engine Rattling When Idle

    This £600+Vat is very reasonable. I suppose they are using good quality parts and changing all the bits including the concentric release bearing assembly? Before taking the car in best check this. The car will certainly be better when its done. It will be smoother and the clutch will be lighter.