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  1. Windscreen Washer Bottle Leak

    Thanks Arthur - but it's deffo not that. It's empty almost every day, I have a sensor light for when it's empty. I thought it was frozen due to the weather we have had recently but a run over the woodhead pass soon made me realise that's not the problem, when the water ran out and you could hear the noise of the pump whirring away. I'll have to have a look one weekend, but it looks like it's a bugger to get to and I'm no mechanic or car fixer upper. :)
  2. Estate Rear Washer Fluid Leak

    Hi, Just bought myself a 52 plate ghia estate. The running of the cars seems fine, but its the little things you don't notice on a test drive. It's got a couple of leaks with the washer system. The first is - I think the washer fluid bottle has got a leak, it needs refilling every couple of days. I've had a look on the forum and it seems as though this has happened to a few others and it's hopefully any easy fix with some silicone gel, but any further comments would be appreciated. The big problem is the rear washer. When I go to wash the rear window after a few seconds water appears to pour through the roof lining and down the grill on the inside passenger side. I had a quick look under torch light tonight and saw that the lining is damp on the underside. I'm not sure where the leak is coming from although I can see that there are a couple of pipes connected and this connection could be the culprit. Does anyone have any thoughts on this, I can't find anything on the forum, or other forums for that matter, with similar problems. Do the pipes perish easily and if so are they an easy fix? Like I say it's localised to the rear of the car only. Of course I could not bother with cleaning my back window, but this weather and long journeys means visibility reduces fairly quickly, so i'd like to wash it every now and then. Thanks
  3. Windscreen Washer Bottle Leak

    Hi don't know if this is the same problem on my 52 plate ghia estate. I guess it's a case of having a look at the bottle, which might have to wait for a couple of weekends. Will the silicone gel sort it out? I have another problem with the rear washer pipes. When I turn the rear wiper on to wash washer fluid pours from the roof lining and into the boot. I've taken a look tonight using torch light and the lining is pretty wet, will the pipes be perished of is it a case of pushing them back together? Any thoughts would be great. Thanks
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums meesterbriggs :)