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  1. Leaking Pipe Identification - Above Clutch Pedal

    Hi Chris Thank you for sharing this. Yes it s a late reply but very detailed one. So, I had the same problem and didn't even try to fix it myself as it is in such an awkward position and it would probably still leak after my repair:) I thought I rather take it to a garage and pay £50 or so to get it fixed properly. It was only a seal after all. I took my Focus to the garage and later that day got a phone call saying that the leak was from the heating matrix which now needs replacing at a cost of £500!!! I was suspicious and went there the next morning to see the car completely stripped off from steering wheel down all the way to the back seats. Mechanic explained to me that as soon as they tried to pull the two pipes apart the bottom pipe broke off from the heating matrix in a way that it couldn't be reattached because it is an integral part of the matrix. Apparently the reason why this area was so fragile was that some of the leaking fluid was traveling/sliding down the pipe towards the heating matrix where it was collecting and corroding the matrix hence the pipe broke off easily. Mechanic showed me the old matrix and it was corroded in that top corner so I just had to accept this and pay £600. I am still not sure if they broke the pipe/matrix because they were just too rough. Nobody else posted this happening to them... From my experience I can only say fix it sooner rather than later before this leak stars corroding more expensive bits of the car. Uros
  2. Leaking Pipe Identification - Above Clutch Pedal

    I have exactly the same leaking pipe problem on my 2005 Focus. A drop every few seconds. I took it to the garage assuming they would only replace the plastic ring and any inside seal. They called me back and said the heater matrix needs to be replaced as well for £500 as it is apparently leaking!!!!! I am not sure if I should believe them as the only leak I saw was from that pipe and it coresponded to the amount of coolant being lost - aboult half a litre per hour. Did you manage to get your car fixed? What needed replacing and how much did it cost? This informatin will be really useful tomorow when I am ging to the garage. Thank you!
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums uros :)