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  1. Thats perfect! Thanks :)
  2. Hi all, Im fitting a monitor in the back which requires a power adapter and a VGA converter and need a decent earth. They are located under the passenger seat, so anything near there that doesn't require to much trim removal would be great! Cheers :)
  3. CD 6000 wanted

    Yeah, im only after the front so i can make a dummy facia. Cheers
  4. CD 6000 wanted

    Great cheers
  5. CD 6000 wanted

    Has anyone Got a broken CD 6000 they dont want? West sussex area would be preferable Cheers
  6. Focus Mk2 rear speakers dead!

    Sounds like a good idea! Ordered the spacers now but theirs always the next car lol
  7. Focus Mk2 rear speakers dead!

    its ok, ive worked out you need adaptors
  8. Focus Mk2 rear speakers dead!

    Can anyone tell me if these will be a straight swap? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=371332348056#ht_3340wt_1344
  9. Focus Mk2 rear speakers dead!

    RESULT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I pulled the connector off the speaker and put the wires from the espace speaker in and..... we have sound! Strange how both the rear speakers have blown, But at least its an easy fix. Thanks all for your help :)
  10. Focus Mk2 rear speakers dead!

    Im going to have a quick look on my lunch break today, If the speaker wire polarity was reversed would this cause the speakers not to work?
  11. Focus Mk2 rear speakers dead!

    It has been fitted with one of these so in theory should be correct....... in theory :)
  12. Focus Mk2 rear speakers dead!

    I have an espace that im breaking for spares, ill see if i can get one out of that for test....
  13. Focus Mk2 rear speakers dead!

    Hi, Thanks for your reply! Surely this is a problem with the wiring as im getting no reading on the multi meter??
  14. Hi All, I have just installed a new pioneer DVD head unit and noticed that both the rear speakers do not work. I ordered a trim removal tool and used a multi meter to test the plug on each speaker, Not getting any voltage on either.... Before its asked i have checked the fade option on the head unit lol! I previously had a Sony single din unit installed but to be honest i didn't notice if they were working or not. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers