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  1. Hi

    FYI, Ford dealer advised me the colour by Reg and then confirmed this by checking the plate under the bonnet. The colour is the second letter / No combination on the left ( In my case J1) Paul
  2. Hi

    Possibly but there are various numbers on a couple of plates which dont specify what they are. Ta Paul
  3. Hi

    Hi , I have just bought a 2002 puma and am busy learning from the topics posted. I was wondering how I can tell exactly what colour blue my puma is so that I can deal with the odd scratches, can anyone advise where I find this detail ( still not got V5 back from DVLA) Ta Paul
  4. Zetec S Alloys Ruined

    Good news :D I have phoned my insurance company who are arrangeing for them to be replaced ( plus courtesy car). I will discuss with the repairers if I can/should replace with something sturdier. Paul Ta
  5. Zetec S Alloys Ruined

    Just had a call back..... apparently they dont do steels for this car. I think a trip to halfords or someone for a cheap set of alloys is in order Paul
  6. Zetec S Alloys Ruined

    Hi, Just took my Zetec s in for 1st service and asked them to look at tyres/wheel due to hitting a few potholes and vibration at speed. Just had a phone call back...ALL alloys are ruined and I need a couple of tyres. Looking around the roads I don't think that the pothole problems are that much better.What happens if I drive into another pothole tomorrow?If the alloys are that crap why replace with the originals? I wondered if I could replace my 17" alloys with steel ( yeah I know) . I am waiting for a phone call from Ford and have asked them to put a hold on ordering replacement alloys. Paul
  7. The Cold Weather Vs. MK7 Fiesta

    My Zetec s dosent like the compacted ice and is quite useless ( even with winter driving methods from the 70's). I put it down to low profile tyres ( why I don't know) and the lightness of the car. I am really annoyed that I can drive my daughter Fiat grande punto with no probs on a road that stymies my car. Paul
  8. Fiesta quickclear stopped working

    Not convinced. :o Paul
  9. Fiesta quickclear stopped working

    Is the screen meant to clear quicker with aicon on? Paul
  10. Aircon Zetec S

    I have had to use my Aircon today and it certainly cools the car and maybe it gets a mite chillier but I have been in my daughters Punto today and it was COLD. Is it normal for the Fiesta to have such a poor Aircon? Paul
  11. I have the esp etc on my Zetec S and usually never notice it. Last week after some fresh resurfacing ( read spray on some tarmac and cover with loose chips) locally I went round a slow adverse camber over some loose chips and the braking felt odd but was fine. I have noticed that going along grooves worn by lorries can make the steering "pull" but again no problems. Tonight I had need to brake very quickly and it just DID. I would say that the brakes feel good and " progressive" .They feel about the same in normal use as my previous car ( Rover 75..don't laugh) but much less sharp than my daughters Fiat Grande Punto ( just a tap on her brakes and it HALTS ). Paul
  12. Miles when Full - What does the computer say

    Carla and I go like a rocket Paul
  13. Miles when Full - What does the computer say

    Its a thought. B) Paul
  14. Miles when Full - What does the computer say

    Just trying to be good Paul
  15. Miles when Full - What does the computer say

    Just filled mine, 297 miles ( note to self...SLOW DOWN) Paul