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  1. Mk1 Central Locking Being Strange

    This is really anoying now. I keep reading about fuse 63 but mine only goes up to 62??? I have checked wires and cant find anything. Can anyone tell me which relay is for the locking or what the central locking module looks like or where it is?
  2. Mk1 Central Locking Being Strange

    It cant be a fuse now. Got in it last night, slammed the door and they unlocked. Then this morning nothing would work. I then get to work and its working fine again. It must be a dodgey connection somewhere but its trying to find it. What i dont get is the drivers door will unlock from the passenger side even when it wont on the drivers side. Is anyone good with wiring on these it could be i need to look for a certain colour rather then checking the whole door loom.
  3. Mk1 Central Locking Being Strange

    I dont have a remote just the basic key with no buttons. None of the central locking is working now. What fuse or symbol do i need for the central locking
  4. Mk1 Central Locking Being Strange

    Its nothing to do with the cold. There has been a problem for a while but not got round to doing anything. Now the central locking has completely stopped. Will have to start checking fuses
  5. Ok this us a weird one. My 2001 focus central locking stopped working on the drivers side (i dont have a remote key). It works on the passenger side including locking and unlocking the drivers door, but it can he delayed, sometimes the other doors dont unlock till you open the front passenger door. Today i fitted a new drivers locking mechanism and it was all working fine. I then drove it home and it is now the same as it was before. Anyone got any ideas for what the hell is going on?
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums spaniel :)