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  1. Fx Satnav (Non Touch Screen) 2009

    no not in book or on system, ive even got code cracker software but these are c series and most code breakers only do l v m etc believe me iv searched everywhere but wont be beat by paying ford i will just snip wires and put something else in
  2. Fx Satnav (Non Touch Screen) 2009

    im sorry i changed from pug to focus mate, no help at all from ford i have same sat nav in mine but battery died and now need code they said 15pound which was fine and did say it was a nav model she said yes no problem, booked it in and then it went upto 45 as they have to fax germany i went mad and said 30pound extra for a fax dont think so give us my keys
  3. Usb Port

    its one of them e cigs its brand new and it also charges from the wall plug via usb connection it must be the car ones faulty but code reader cant find anything either thanks for help tho bud
  4. Usb Port

    hi, yes it lets me on it but it wont scroll to usb its locked on line in and wont come off that
  5. Usb Port

    hi, yes tried that but no joy thanks for reply
  6. Usb Port

    hey guys i do have a usb in centre but dosnt work, does it have to be activated somehow any help pls
  7. Focus C-Max Egr Valve Aaaargh!

    hi bud, ive got an 09 focus tdci (similar), anyway i got this code up p042 which indicates egr, so cleared the code with my scanner, it was running as though the turbo wasnt booting in so i put this stuff in tank which i have used for years even on old cars and i swear by it, its called forte you can get for petrol or diesel and put it in when you have 100miles left in tank as it will be stronger, thats what i done only last week and is now running as new again good luck
  8. Welcome to the Ford forums iceman1 :)