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  1. Hello everyone :) just wondering if anyone had any advice they could give me. Basically, was driving along and suddenly my car got stuck in 5th gear. Drove all the way home in 5th without slowing down too much for it to drop down. I managed to get it home and as soon as i stopped it jus dropped all down the gears at once and just cut out. We then took it to tc harrisons the next day. They then plugged the computer in or something and said the program hadnt been set up prop. So they set that right and i picked it up and it drove really nice (had probs in the past with pullin off in first it would just take a while, never though anything of it). Then, on my way to work it happened again. The light with the (!) came on. I managed to get to work in 5th again flying round the corners etc until i reached work and then it did the hole gear thing again. So TC harrison picked it up. They then say. Its the gearbox module. So we go to buy a gearbox module and the man on the phome said which one. The clutch or the other one. So we rang back n it is apparently the clutch. So i have been quoted 1400 pounds for that part. I cant seem to find any second hand parts or anythin anywhere. But then again i am a woman so this could be why, not even heard of it before to be fair. Anyways long story short, can anyone give me any advice etc does this part sound right to you :) Thanks guys!! Rachel
  2. Welcome to the Ford forums Relizabethhh :)