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  1. So an update, Very helpful mechanic came out to have a look. Took off the right hand side and found some small soot deposits but the valve itself was fine and moving fine. After reassembly (also checked the air filter etc and were also fine) the EGR error code has gone but the glow plug error still remains along with limp mode. Mechanic did not think the glow plug code would turn the car to limp mode and that the EGR valve is still at fault. I've emailed a friend at ford and he has come up with nothing. Before I start looking at another EGR valve can anyone help/shine a little light on the situation. I'm really stumped for ideas.
  2. I have egr envy of you guys at the moment. Talked to a mechanic of mine and he has told me that it is actually built in to the inlet and not a separate component. He will clean it for me tomorrow but his gut feeling is it will need to be replaced and they ain't cheap.
  3. Thanks, So looking at what appears to be my EGR. It's easier to access but looks harder to clean. I.e I can take the right side off but then have to take the left side off also?
  4. Thanks for posting. On the basis of what I have seen under my bonnet today I think My EGR is slightly different in terms of type and positioning? And example here http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/50519-where-is-the-egr-valve-located-on-a-55-plate-18-tdci-focus/ I think the disassembly on the guide getting under the manifold would be helpful. With regards to the plate, would it affect mot emissions?
  5. Evening all. I have had in the past 6 months the phantom "engine systems fault" come up on the dash a few times. Quickly pullover and restart the car and everything is rosy. Today however the light wouldn't go off and I was forced to call the AA. Two codes came up: P0489: EGR system control. P0670: Heater plug monitor function interrupted. AA chap sprayed some sort of aerosol in through the pipe toward the EGR. Still nothing productive happened and I have had to use the M1 in limp mode. However 5 miles from home the fault disappeared and normal play resumed. Two miles later it came back and I've limped home again. So some questions. If I need to clean the EGR valve, how easy is it to do? I haven't got a pot to pee in at the moment so would like to do what I can. What is a blanking plate? I got a load of results about them. What do they do? Any ideas on the glow plug issues? Thanks. Ben.
  6. Loose Lighter Socket

    Hi All, I have recently upgraded the old fusion to a focus c-max. To which I am very happy with. There is one small hitch which is a broken cigarette lighter socket up front with me. Took out the one in the boot which worked fine so just replaced the unit. I now have a problem of the new socket (genuine ford part) not being secured to the console and constantly coming out of the console when pulling out an appliance. Before I get the super glue out and glue the bracket in. Are there any sensible solutions? Thanks Ben
  7. Unusual Screen Wash Problem

    Got some torn stuff at work so no problem there. Just need to find one on eBay now. Thanks very much for your help
  8. Unusual Screen Wash Problem

    Thank you. I would have thought this isn't the fault of the clutch being replaced then? Can source the stalk myself and fit it by the looks of it.
  9. Unusual Screen Wash Problem

    You mean the switch on the stalk itself?
  10. Unusual Screen Wash Problem

    Front wipers do not work when switch is pressed.
  11. 03/53 Plate Fusion Owners??

    Tried a few glues to get this stuck on proper. Hot glue did the trick but must be read here'd sometimes in severe cold.
  12. Hello all. Hoping to get some advice as to what has happened. Had my clutch replaced a couple of months ago which obviously meant the battery was disconnected. No problem just reprogram the radio and I'm away. However since having it done my front screen wash does not work! Don't think it's a case of getting a pin out and cleaning it either. Some info: 1. I can't hear the sw motor noise when trying to use the front washer. 2. The rear washer is perfectly normal. I hear the sw motor and water comes out. 3. Front and rear wipers are working fine. Before I drive 35 miles to the mechanic who did the clutch, is there anything I can do? I presume front and back run off of the same motor and fuse? Many thanks Ben
  13. Welcome to the Ford forums Bb2485 :)