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  1. Electric Window Is Haunted.

    Which part did you have to replace?
  2. The other half has an old focus (02 plate) and the O/S/F electric window has gained a mind of its own. It will go down and usually refuse to go back up. When it does it might stop and then the next 'up' press will mysteriously send it back down again. On other occasions it will work fine. As far as I know there is only a switch and a motor in the door and the motor is working obviously so that would mean a switch right? But it seems to do it when it's damp which might suggest that its water getting into the motor connection. Has anybody else had this problem?
  3. 02 Focus Tdci Pas Not Working At Idle

    It has done nothing but snow today but I am going to strip the pump out tomorrow weather permitting. I'll let you all know the outcome. And thanks to all for your advice, it is really appreciated.
  4. 02 Focus Tdci Pas Not Working At Idle

    Yep the car is due an MOT so I have been through it all looking for wear and tear and everything seems ok on that front.
  5. 02 Focus Tdci Pas Not Working At Idle

    I think I will track down a pressure guage and test the pump while it is still on, if I can find one to borrow or rent. I'll of course keep the thread updated so it's of use to others in the same boat.
  6. 02 Focus Tdci Pas Not Working At Idle

    # Hi Stef, That's two for the pump then :) absolute pain if it's a broken part... It's far too cold for spending all day outside fixing the car!
  7. 02 Focus Tdci Pas Not Working At Idle

    Hi Dan, with the wheels on the ground and the bonnet up the pump is really rather noisy, it's a kind of higher pitched whine as the wheel is through lock to lock. I don't have much experience of Ford PAS, my last Ford was a 1985 XR3i lol, so I don't know if the noise level is normal. Is there any way to test the pump with it in situ, has I'd really like to leave it fitted if possible? Thanks for your reply, all help is greatly appreciated.
  8. 02 Focus Tdci Pas Not Working At Idle

    Yeah absolute pain to work on!!! The car is on stands now so I'll get amongst it all and follow the wiring. I'll let you know the outcome. :)
  9. 02 Focus Tdci Pas Not Working At Idle

    Thanks for your quick reply, yep the PAS comes back on at or just below 2000 rpm. Do you think it would be worth replacing the plug to the pressure sensor switch? And do you know where it is earthed? The problem I am having is that I am doing it on the drive and everything is so tightly packed under the bonnet I am struggling to see where bits are.
  10. Hello all I’m new to the forums and I have a problem with my car that I just cannot fix! Any help would be greatly appreciated. The car is a 2002 Focus 1.8 TDCi. While parking a few weeks ago the power steering suddenly went stiff. If you rev the car above 2000 rpm the power steering assistance comes back on. I have replaced the power steering pump with one from a scrap yard but to no avail. Next I replaced the steering rack but the problem persists. The fluid is new; it has actually been replaced twice this month. Somebody has mentioned the steering knuckle on the column becoming stiff through wear. I have also had mention of a filter inside the fluid bottle, and a wire breaking off a sensor in the high pressure fluid line? There is no air in the system, but the scrap yard replacement pump is noisy while turning the car from lock to lock with the wheels on the ground and the bonnet up. I’m stuck and running out of money because I got laid off from work before Christmas. Does anybody have any advice!!!
  11. Welcome to the Ford forums Rob Bowes :)