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  1. Ford Model Car

    Many thanks buddy! Two other useful sites are also http://www.model-car-world.co.uk and http://www.carmodel.com for anyone's future reference :)
  2. Ford Model Car

    The size of the modes are 1:43
  3. Ford Model Car

    haha yes sorry should have been more clearer. Yup like hot wheels but slightly larger. Have attached the pictures of my friend's models so want it like that :) My 2001 Mondeo is dark green colour, even if I can get the model without a personalized plate what would be great as I could probably print and stick it.
  4. Ford Model Car

    Hey guys I'm after a personalized model car for my 2001 Ford Mondeo with the exact same colour and no plate. Any recommendations of any websites? Proving harder than expected!
  5. [Help]2001 Ford Mondeo - How To Move Mirrors

    Just normal 2001 Ford Mondeo LX in dark green :)
  6. Extractorsare?

    Ah thank you very much :)
  7. Extractorsare?

    Hey guys, So I read online to take the radio out I need a pair of extractorsare? Are they spelt that way if not what's the exact spelling/product or even better if you have a link to buy them from somewhere(Can't find them on ebay) I need them to take out my radio to see the serial no lol. Would rather get experience myself and do it on my own rather than take it to the ford dealer Thanks, - M
  8. [Help]2001 Ford Mondeo - How To Move Mirrors

    Haha cheers for all your help highly appreciated :) - best get some sleep good night :)
  9. [Help]2001 Ford Mondeo - How To Move Mirrors

    Ok you know everything haha, it was the isolating the rear windows thing. Which settings should I have it on? I just want it to be normal. I'm guessing active?
  10. New Guy :)

    Hey guys just joined the forum after buying my 2001 Mondeo. Absolutely love the car and the forum too(got my problem solved within seconds by TDCiST) Anyways I'm Mahmood, live in London. Not sure if any of you are aware but I also own the online supercar magazine The Supecar Kids with my friend Shmee150 as partner. Look forward to discovering more things about Ford which I didn't already know!
  11. [Help]2001 Ford Mondeo - How To Move Mirrors

    Of course will post tomorrow morning, I'm thinking maybe its to do with heating or such.
  12. [Help]2001 Ford Mondeo - How To Move Mirrors

    Sure is looks badass :) Sorry to be a pain but one more question. After the mirror buttons on driver side to control the windows there are two switches, they have two icons on them. one goes red while other goes green. Any idea what they're for? I pressed one while trying to figure out mirrors so want to make sure I haven't done anything stupid
  13. [Help]2001 Ford Mondeo - How To Move Mirrors

    I certainly will, love talking to like minded people, you car is so awesome by the way!
  14. [Help]2001 Ford Mondeo - How To Move Mirrors

    Ah yes! I saw that button, thought it had something to do with it but didn't know how to operate. Thank you so much! Glad I joined the forum :)
  15. Hi all, First of all I apologize if I make any forum mistakes as just joined. I just got a 2001 Ford Mondeo - A car that I've always wanted since childhood. However I cannot work how to move the mirrors a bit down so it helps me to park a bit better. Would appreciated it if anyone can help me :) - Mahmood