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  1. New Mondeo Orders

    I've just learnt from my dealer that the build date was really moved - so it should have been build on 28-th really. And the ETA is now 7-th of March. Hope that will be it !
  2. Build Date Change In Ford Etis

    No actually - nothing from the dealer! The dealer just keeps saying - no news. I think they're really waiting the car to be delayed and then to comment (after 23-rd of Feb). So do you mean, that the car was already built on 28th of Jan then, or it's just showing up that date by an error?
  3. Hi everyone. About a month ago I've ordered a DuraTorq 1.6 Diesel engine Mondeo (5 doors). The dealer told me that there is currently a strike on the Genk plant, so he advised to go on with a pre-built one, which, as he said, was already built there, but had not been taken out from the plant yet. So I agreed and he has told to expect it by 23rd of Feb 2013. I've looked up the car on Ford Etis, and it has been showing the build date as 28-th of November, 2012. Yesterday, I've looked it up again, and found that the date it shows has changed to 28 Jan 2013. Any idea what does this mean? Also, I'm wondering whether anybody knows how the strike goes on: whether cars are arriving from plant or not? Thanks a lot for your responses in advance.
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    Thanks everyone !
  5. New Mondeo Orders

    Thanks jeebowhite. I understand this is my curiousity - making me so hurry, here why I am looking for another way to track :)
  6. Hi all. I'm buying a new Mondeo and wondering how long this is going to take to be delivered from the Genk factory. I know there was a strike on from late October 2012, and few days ago, finally, the strike ended. When I was ordering, the dealer told me that there is currently strike in factory, and he doesn't know how long will it take, but the good thing was that the car had already been built by that time. I have the VIN number of it, so am wondering whether there is a way to track the delivery or not? Also please advise, if you know, how long is the delivery to Ireland takes ? Many thanks in advance.
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