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  1. Car Wont Start! Garage Cant Work Out Why

    Sorry for the misunderstanding the car is not firing if that help. Had contact with the garage today and Ecu is fine so not that. My partners mate changed the starting motor after changing glow plugs thinking of solutions to it before taking it to garage to save money that was all. At the time we weren't aware it was such a serious problem. So if it's not the ecu god knows wot it can be. The garage says will have a look at it again wen they get Ecu back and fitted. I don't want to scrap the car as there is quite a lot o ppl on forums that have had this problem and managed to get it fixed and I find it hard to believe were the ones that cant. Apart from the not starting the car was absolutely fine no probs at all.
  2. Car Wont Start! Garage Cant Work Out Why

    It's 03 focus 1.8 tdci sport if relevant!
  3. Ok here goes! Car one day doesn't start. Ticking over but not starting. Glow plugs changed. No starting. Starting motor changed. No starting. Easy start sprayed still no start. Ford garage plugs in computer checks all parts including fuel injectors. Timings the lot n still doesn't start. Ecu now sent to london to see if it's that as garage couldn't test it. Been told this is common problem. Other ppl on forums managed to get problem fixed why can't they find whats wrong and fix it. Anyone else have any suggestions
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums shazza.d :)