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  1. Alarm / Security System?

    There's no sensors in there but will give it a try... :/
  2. Alarm / Security System?

    Hi I have a 2011 Zetec - S and am concerned as to whether I have an alarm / immobiliser fitted... After reading different posts on here I'm still none the wiser. I've contacted ford who've told me that it should be fitted with a perimeter system and also a group 12 security (whatever that means). Reading people say that these should set off the alarm if a door / bonnet is opened once the doors are locked doesn't seem true. I've locked the car with the window undone, opened the door if not on deadlock, have even popped the bonnet and still no siren. Any idea if mine sounds faulty or do I just simply not have any alarm?! Which is find incredible for a 2011 vehicle! Hearing how easily theives are getting into the new fiesta is a worry and I need to know what I have before investing in a TOAD cat 1 system. Thanks in advance Robbs
  3. Engine Fan

    Last couple of times I've switched the engine off I've notice the fan going for a few mins, what does this mean?
  4. Ecu Re-Map?

    Been reading about an ECU remap for my 2011 Fiesta ZS TDCi...just wondering... Has anyone had it done? Is it worth it? I'd like it for slightly more power/torque but mainly to improve my MPG. Have come across a mobile company that seem pretty professional - can anyone recommend a good company around South Wales area? Also wondering if I was to have it done how this would affect my manufacturers warranty & my insurance premium? Thanks Robbs
  5. Frozen White Zs With White Wheels?

    They would be the Standard ZS 17" ones that you get in white black or silver.
  6. Weird Sound Once Engine Knocked Off

    Lol ah good! What is it by the way? Thought I was hearing things at first! Thanks again for ur reply iNath :)
  7. Has anyone noticed a strange squeaking noise for about 3 seconds after engine knocked off? It sounds like a hamster on a wheel going round! That's the only way I can describe it! I have a Zetec S TDCI 2011 Thanks in advance!
  8. Frozen White Zs With White Wheels?

    Thanks all. Gives me a good idea. Think I'll hang fire and go for the 17" silver ones instead
  9. Hi I have the chance to buy some White 17" Zetec S alloys but my car is also white and wondered if it would look a bit silly!? Has anyone got this look that could share a picture? I'd like to see how it looks before considering it! Cheers Robbs
  10. Zetec S Tdci Feels Sluggish

    I say slow I don't mean heavy footed. And do quite a bit of bypass road driving so 40-50 in 5th
  11. Zetec S Tdci Feels Sluggish

    I've been driving ridiculously slow to try and get it up but still not getting as much as 50mpg. Have booked it into Evans Halshaw for a check up next week
  12. Zetec S Tdci Feels Sluggish

    Yes I had a 2005 previously. I'm sorry but I don't know what DPF or PCM stands for! I'm just wondering why it seems slower & the MPG not as good. How do I go about asking the dealer to update the firmware?
  13. Hi all New member here so apologies if this topic has been covered before! I've recently purchased a 2011 zetec s - TDCI having upgraded from the previous equivalent mk7. The first thing that I've noticed is that it seems to be slower off the mark through 1st & 2nd gears. I don't know wether I'm just adjusting to it or if its cause it seems a bigger heavier car. Secondly the MPG doesn't seem as high as my old car. I know we've had some cold weather of late and this can affect but I'm struggling to reach 49+ MPG whereas I used to get 55+ easily. I assumed that being the same engine size but being more economical as the insurance & tax are lower that I would have better fuel consumption. Has anyone else found this having upgraded from the earlier model? Thanks in advance Robbs